Autumn’s First Storm

Nikon D300s + Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 VC at 40mm f/16, ISO 200 15.0 Seconds

Today, northern California was pounded by a powerful tropical storm that came from Japan, wreaking havoc on the morning commute in the city, knocking out power in several areas, and causing some flooding problems. As I write this the rain has stopped. But over the course of the day, winds of up to 55 mph and heavy rainfall battered the city.

I took the shot above at Baker Beach last night. The clouds were dark and dramatic, and diffused the dusky light from the sky, allowing me to take some long exposures shortly after sunset. It was a long walk down the beach and back with all my gear, but the trek was well worth it.

I realized after shooting here last night that I haven’t actually been to Baker Beach in a long time. In fact, the last time I was here was nearly six years ago. Not too far from the spot where I took this shot is where I proposed to my wife of five years, and that is the last memory I have of this beach.

After getting some great images out on the Beach, I headed to the Palace of Fine Arts on my way home for a few more photos. I’m still tired from all of it!

Dream up a Storm, originally uploaded by kaoni701.

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5 thoughts on “Autumn’s First Storm

  1. Beautiful beach with lovely memory to you:))

    Oh, we had a short but violent storm just 1 hour ago, with heavy rain and thunder & lightning. But it was already dark so that didn’t allow me to take photos…

    1. Thanks Akane!

      I wonder if that storm will come this way too. I used to want to stay inside when storms came…now I go out and try to capture the sky!

  2. Oh Honies, what a sweet and perfect day that was…our engagement, that is. 🙂 The night you took this night was kind of tiring with the hiking and the looming rainclouds made me so nervous. But it was all worth it!

  3. Beautiful. I know nothing about photography but as a viewer, I love a photograph with simplicity, color and depth. I am extremely picky and rarely hang anything on my walls however, I wish I could have a copy of this. …A huge one, that takes up the whole wall. Love this SO much. Thank you for sharing this image and your story.

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