Super Glam

Nikon D300s + Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC at 50mm f/14 ISO100 1/125 Second // Lighting: Bowens Monolite + Beauty Dish, Bowens Monolite + Softbox

Bridget and I revisited the glamour look and changed things up a bit. She’s sporting some really cool eye shadow color here, and in case you didn’t notice, some huge glue-on eyelashes. Her makeup skills are so great that I had barely any work to do in CS4 to retouch the photos. Great job, Bridge!

I’m pretty close to her here with the 17-50 on the camera. The beauty dish is pretty close to her as well, and even at its lowest power setting, the Bowens9000 monolite I pulled out of my Dad’s garage packs such a wallop that I had to shoot at a relatively tiny aperture to prevent vaporizing my subject.

Suki was unfortunate enough to walk right into our shooting session. We couldn’t help but pick her up and take a shot. I don’t think she appreciated it very much, being the diva that she is.

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