Shiba Royalty

The Legion of Honor seemed like a fitting place to take Suki’s next image for my 52 week project. I attempted to post one of the images I made from this shoot to Flickr, but ran into a strange problem. Nearly an hour after uploading the photo, the image wouldn’t appear in my contacts’ home pages. I discovered this after noticing the unusually low amount of traffic on the photo after uploading it. After re-uploading the image a few times with no success, I gave up for the night. Maybe the issue will be resolved later and I can proceed as normal. Until then I’m holding off on uploading anything to Flickr.

You wouldn’t know it from this photo, but there were actually a lot of people standing around us during this shoot. Suki drew the attention of a lot of people, who crowded around and watched me photograph her. She’s quite the popular dog!

Camera Specs: Nikon D300s + Tokina 50-135mm f/2.8 + SB-900 cam left, SB-800 on camera

Click here for the final version of the photo for my 52 week project!

6 thoughts on “Shiba Royalty

  1. It’s really, really nice & cool photo of Suki-chan, and I love the texture of the pillars.
    The place does seem quiet, but I’m surprised to know there’re lot of ppl when you were shooting! Suki-chan is a wonderful model, indeed!:))

    1. あかね、コメントいつもありがとう! People really like meeting Suki! So every now and then I have to stop the photo session and let people come up to her =)

    1. Thanks Masako! Suki does pretty good out in public as far as staying put, but as a precaution, we always have her leashed (unless we’re at a dog park). You can’t see the lead in this photo because I cloned it out in Photoshop =)

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