Super Suki

Nikon D300s + Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 at 11mm f/4 ISO640 1/25 second

The sun is still setting too early this time of year, so any portraits involving the sun after I get off work require that I hustle to beat the rapidly falling light. I barely made it to the beach in time for a series of photos of Suki at the beach. I love the way the clouds sweep in the direction Suki is looking. It’s really hard to take a bad photo of this dog!

Needless to say, I got a lot of sand on me… sand that inevitably ended up on my camera, which is why I was really grateful that my camera has environmental sealing. Whew!

From the time we arrived on the scene to the time we ran out of light was no longer than about 10 minutes, which was only enough time to get my camera out of my bag, figure out my exposure, and fire off a handful of frames. This is one that I particularly liked for its amazing backdrop. The other was posted on my flickr photostream for the 7th week of my 52 week project involving Suki.

Check out the other shot here!


10 thoughts on “Super Suki

  1. Ohh, this is great, jonathan! Yes, Suki-chan is such a wonderful model, but your skill greatly contributes to the result of the photo! Hmmm awesome, indeed!!

  2. Hey Jonathan,
    I’m going to be upgrading to a Nikon d90 in the next couple days and I’m looking for a good camera shop down here in the city do you know of any that are reputable and reasonably priced?
    Feel free to e-mail me.


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