Jazz at Les Joulins

Tonight, we met with friends at Les Joulins Jazz Bistro in downtown San Francisco. We enjoyed some live Jazz to go along with our late-night dinner and drinks, and during their first break, had a chat with the band.

Bridget offered to sing a tune, and the band agreed!

She sang “Bye Bye Blackbird,” and sounded great! They told us we could come back anytime and perform. Very cool.

This particular venue had terrible lighting for photography. Most of the light was actually behind the band, which made things pretty tricky. Pushed my gear hard to get this shots, as you can see below:

Camera Specs:

Nikon D300s + Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G:

Top Image: f/1.8 ISO3200 1/40 second
Second Image:  f/1.8 ISO3200 1/30 second
Third Image:  f/1.8 ISO2800 1/60 second

4 thoughts on “Jazz at Les Joulins

  1. Now this would have been a perfect opportunity to use your Olympus! picture ultra high contrast B&W @ 6400!

    I did very much enjoy these photos! Great Job Bridget!

    1. Thanks man! Hmmm…good idea! I think I’ll convert some of the shots from that night to BW and see what happens. The meter doesn’t seem to work accurately on the Oly…gonna see if I can snag my father’s FM. 😉

  2. This is awesome! I remember when we came to this venue for jazz in January, and Bridge had a nice chat with the band afterwards. I love it when we talk about doing things, and ACTUALLY get to do it later. Nice job Bridge, and great job documenting man! Great clean images. Noise resolution on D300s + Lightroom 3 Beta Noise reduction = Joy!!!

    1. Yup! We finally had a chance to take the band up on their offer. They liked that she brought her music charts along with her too. =)

      You’re right about LR3 beta 2. Really impressive stuff!

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