Photo shoot: Jasmine Libatique

Got a call yesterday from Jasmine Libatique, a local singer/songwriter here in San Francisco, requesting a photo shoot for her upcoming album entitled Dreaming Away. Her album is still in the recording stage of development, but she wanted to start compiling some concepts for her album artwork.

San Francisco’s Mission District is filled with cool urban art, and Jasmine selected one of the Mission’s many murals to incorporate into the shoot. This will be the first of likely several different concepts we will attempt before she makes a final selection of images to include in her album.

It was a very last-minute shoot! Had to rush home after work and quickly grab whatever gear I could get my hands on before heading out to the Mission District before the sun went down. My SB-800 unit failed on me due to bad batteries during the shoot. I was using it as a commander so I could get my command pulses firing behind or above me to my remote SB-900. Without it, I had to bounce the command signal from my camera’s pop-up off my free hand towards the remote unit. It actually worked! It also made me think a little more about how nice it would be to have radio triggers.  Anyway, despite the rushed nature of the job, we had a great time!

Want to get a preview of Jasmine’s music? Head on over to her Fanpage, where you can listen to all the songs on her upcoming album. Become a fan!

Also, check out more images from this shoot on my website!

12 thoughts on “Photo shoot: Jasmine Libatique

  1. Nice series you did a great job incorporating theartwork. I know this is different art, but when people do photoshoots in front of graffiti I have communicated with other artist who really hate how a person just plop someone in front of a wall for the sake of “looking urban” This was executed well. The wall matches her personality well and everything. good job

  2. Thanks! I know what kind of shot you’re talking about. For me, this wall served a more focused purpose than simply conveying an urban feel. I like how she sort of brings the art to life by appearing as an element of the artwork; a three dimensional character, alone in a two dimensional dream-world.

  3. Really nice photos. I was wondering if you could point out which photos you took with the 11-16. I recently bought a 11-16 but am finding it hard to (just started photography) get any good photos.


    1. The Tokina 11-16 is an excellent lens, but if you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to work with an ultra wide angle optic. None of the shots in this post were actually taken with the 11-16, but here’s the link to all my posts tagged “11-16”

      Click on the link to see images I’ve taken with the lens. Better yet, you can click the following link to see more images on my flickr page:

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