Paisley’s Photo Shoot

Spent this past Sunday afternoon with this adorable little girl and her family. Can someone be any more photogenic than this? My strategy for this shoot was: no strategy. Just follow little Paisley around and see what happens. The result was an amazing little adventure all around the house, climbing different surfaces, discovering her favorite toys, and capturing the cutest little expressions.

Paisley is just gushing with life, joy, intelligence, energy, and curiosity. She has the most wonderful spirit I have ever seen in a child. The first shot I took of her that day I immediately showed to her. She understood right away what the camera was all about, and every so often during our time together, she’d stop, walk towards me, and make me turn my camera around to show her the result. It’s like she was my model and my art director =)

Kept the gear simple, using one lens the entire time: The new Nikkor AFS 50mm f/1.4G that my wife just bought me this past week. Great timing, as it’s the perfect lens for the job. If you’re a crop sensor shooter that likes taking portraits, especially in available light, the 50mm is a must-have. Brought in a camera-mounted flash for fill at times, and that was it!

Please See more images of the shoot on my website here: Paisley’s Photo Shoot


Nikon D300s + Nikkor AFS 50mm f/1.4G

8 thoughts on “Paisley’s Photo Shoot

  1. Jonathan you did a great job! I love it this is very candid and a perfect way to capture the beauty in simple things like a baby smiling or playing with a stuffed toy etc. it’s just lovely! I love her green vest in the third photo is so cute!! I’m sure u enjoyed this session even though it can be super tiring at times but it’s all worth it! i just came back from a newborn session which i’m totally exhausted but so happy with the pictures.

    1. Thank you Cindy! I can see why you got into this line of work. It’s so much fun! Thanks for your help and inspiration as well. I think you’re really good with kids. Can’t wait to see images from your recent shoot!

  2. Jon, OMG.. amazing job especially with the 50mmm. I tried using that in a b-day party and at times found myself up against a wall framing with a 75mm equiv…
    but i must admit, primes are always so sharp and colorful… again, superb job.
    tell me u didn’t get bit by the bug and just want to do some more, lol…

    1. Thanks a bunch Jay. Yeah, a prime means moving around…a LOT! I gotta say, doing this shoot made me start thinking about having my own child….ok, FX system first, then I’ll have a kid =D

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