Suki and Me… [and video on the D300s!]

Some people who only know Suki from her photos tend to think that she’s a larger dog. I’ll admit that I try to use angles and perspectives that make her appear larger than she is, but Shiba Inus are definitely small dogs. Not lap dog small, but not big either. I say they’re perfectly sized! The image above should give you a clear view of Suki’s relative size. Suki and I were strolling through the city when this reflective glass caught my attention. I actually like how the dirty glass distorted the photo and made it hazy and low-contrast. Looks sort of “filmy.”

See? Suki is pretty little. This image is sort of an optical illusion, however, as the parking meter is a few feet closer to the camera than she is, making it appear much larger than her. The whole reason we were taking a stroll through town with my camera was, of course, to catch an image of her for week 30 of my 52 week project. We used the art we found on this wall here for the final image. Check it out here!

And now for more randomness. Got together with some good friends last night. When the dancing started, I decided to skip the stills and give video a try again on my D300s:

I’m obviously not much a videographer, but for casual clips, it’s great having video in my DSLR for the simple fact that I can use any of my lenses. Notice the shallow depth of field I achieved using my 50mm f/1.4 wide open for the video, which made focus very difficult but added a lot of depth to the recording (just make sure you switch the video to 720p resolution). Now I wish I had brought my fisheye to the party!


Images and Video: Nikon D300s + Nikkor AFS 50mm f/1.4G

17 thoughts on “Suki and Me… [and video on the D300s!]

  1. Indeed the image on top is filmy;) Suki-chan looks cute with you beside:))
    I’m used to seeing siba inus in real here in Japan and in your photos, but I’ll be excited to see them in the US. Aww, I’d love to see real Suki-chan!
    This post reminds me of the fact that I can video with my E-P1 but have never given it a try. I could use my Planar 50mm/1.4 on it for taking a movie some day.

    1. I love going to Japan because Shibas are EVERYWHERE! So awesome. Yes, you must meet Suki one day =) Oh and I’d totally love to see what your movie clips would look like with your EP-1 and Planar lenses!

  2. Heh, no matter how many pictures I take of Koji, next to things, holding him, whatever, it seems to not matter. People ALWAYS say he’s so much smaller than they thought he’d be.

  3. your discussion of shiba size makes me think of this photo we took recently at a big shiba meet-up in southern california:

    Red and Taro

    it gives basically the potential size span of shibas from extreme to extreme.

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