Suki and the Trolly

Watch out Suki! Well, she’s actually not in any real danger here. This particular spot where we took Suki’s latest image for my photo project, combined with a real long focal length, gives the impression that Suki is in danger from on-coming traffic. In reality, she’s quite safe, comfortably surveying the scene from a sidewalk.

The image above was actually a test shot that I ended up liking. I noticed that Suki kept getting distracted while I was shooting. In this case, a loud sea gull pulled her attention away from the camera.

In this image, it was a group of tourists across the street yelling “look at that doggie! Hi doggie!!!!” that made her turn her head. While I thought this was pretty annoying at first, the resulting curve in her posture turned into a really appealing pose for the image.  Besides, most of Suki’s best images are taken when she’s not looking at the camera.

Nikon D300s + Nikkor AFS 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 VR

6 thoughts on “Suki and the Trolly

  1. Is Suki ever on a leash any more for these shots? Or is she trained for photography now?

    …Or the wonderful content-aware fill at work? ^_^

    1. Ah, content aware fill. With one swipe I could remove her from the photo entirely, so a leash is no problem at all. As I explain below, I never risk Suki’s safety for a photo, so there are safety measures in place despite her training in being a model =D

    1. Thanks Vi! Hope you and Loki are doing great =)

      So, in many of these shots, Suki is indeed on leash. She is very well trained for photographs, but I simply love her too much to trust that naughty, unpredictable Shiba hunting-drive of hers, especially out in the city. =)

      In the above picture as well as in many others, I have a very thin retractable leash tethered to her as a safety precaution. I rarely have to use it to keep her from bolting off, but I keep it there nonetheless. The thin leash is easily cloned out in Photoshop =)

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