Best iPad Case Ever

After about 2 weeks of waiting, my Dodo case for iPad has finally arrived. Until this time I’ve been using the Apple case, which is overpriced and not nearly as beautiful and sophisticated as this one. Such beauty was begging to be photographed:

Each Dodo case is made in my hometown here in San Francisco, California. Guess that explains why I got it the same day I received a shipping notification. These things sell like crazy, so much so that I was expecting to wait up to six weeks for mine. I’m thrilled that it came in only two.

The bamboo frame smells and feels like it was just milled today. As I took the case out of its packaging, I noticed that there were still small bamboo fragments inside from cutting the bamboo. I’m sure they can’t make these things fast enough!

Fit and finish?  Absolutely perfect with the iPad.

I love how the design mimics a Moleskin notebook. At first glance you’d think it was one, with its black textured cover and elastic strap.  This is the coolest iPad case I’ve ever seen. Seriously.

Suki doesn’t care =)


Images: Nikon D300s + Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8VC

9 thoughts on “Best iPad Case Ever

  1. Hey, the two guys I work with have that! It’s the moleskine-looking iPad case! These are the most loving shots I’ve seen of it. You should submit them to dodo case, they’d totally use it!

  2. Does the Dodo case weigh a lot? I’m quite concerned about getting a sophisticated but lightweight case because what attracted me to the iPad was its feather-weight compared to a Macbook Pro. But of course the case needs to protect the iPad from being scratched, and I’m not so sure the bamboo can do that? I know that you posted this quite a while ago loool; any new thoughts? Is it worth getting? =D

    1. Actually, the Dodo is pretty light, and they include small pieces of padding on the inside corners that prevent the bamboo from marring your iPad’s finish. I love the Dodo case!

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