Sky Scrapin’ with Suki

With a packed schedule all week, getting this week’s shot of Suki for the project was extremely difficult. We were able to block out about an hour and a half for a quick shot of her before meeting some friends for dinner, and I had no clue what kind of shot I wanted. So we stuck to the same routine this week: head out, find a good spot, make it work somehow.

As the late afternoon sun was casting some wonderful side lighting across the San Francisco skyline as we headed into the city’s downtown area. As soon as I saw what the skyline looked like, I exited the freeway and looked for a high spot. I wanted to use that skyline as a backdrop for Suki. We found a great location:

I can tell you from experience that the kind of dog photography I do is extremely difficult to execute alone and requires a lot of patience. In this case and in many others, Bridget provided me with much needed assistance. Even with TWO people, it still requires patience, on our part and on Suki’s. Many people think that Suki is always on her best behavior on our little photo shoots. Well, it may LOOK that way, but she can be a little uncooperative diva sometimes. We still love her to pieces. =)

Here’s the photo we picked for week 37 of the project. This awesome light you see here hitting Suki and popping her off the background lasted only minutes as the sun broke in and out of cloud cover. Once the sun light was gone, we started working in some off-camera flash. I love to get shots of Suki in action, so we took a few frames of her running, and that was it! All we had time for.


All Images: Nikon D300s + Nikkor AFS 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR

4 thoughts on “Sky Scrapin’ with Suki

  1. Nice photo shoot. Thanks for revealing that Suki isn’t always as well behaving as she appears in the photos. i still think it is amazing you take shots of her without a leash and sometimes no collar either.

  2. I’m impressed at how you work with your Shiba because I know how they can be sometimes. haha. She seems so well behaved! I wonder if she likes getting her picture taken. ^_^

    Love the backdrop on this one. Really cool!

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