Suki Meets Hana

Every now and then we meet another Shiba on the street that Suki gets to interact with a little. It’s been a long time since she’s met another Shiba that she could spend the day with, however. A fellow flickr user and Shiba owner came to visit california this past weekend, and we were excited to get together with her and little Hana for an afternoon stroll along the coast.


This is Hana, not to be confused with Suki. Hana is a five year old female Shiba Inu, and she is rediculously adorable. While Suki is more of  a dog’s dog who loves interacting with others of her kind (often ignoring humans), Hana looooves people. As soon as I greeted her she gave me a bunch of doggie kisses. Suki never kisses me!

Above you can see Fox on the left, who had a chance to meet Suki briefly, but didn’t hang out with us for the rest of the day. I guess it was a “ladies” day out!

When Suki first met Hana, she wasn’t received very kindly. I was a little concerned that they wouldn’t get along, but was I wrong! As we walked along the coast in the late afternoon, they quickly became friends:

They walked together, climbed together, explored together, and took breaks together. It was hilariously cute:

Of course, we shadowed both doggies with our cameras the entire time:

I tried to take every advantage I could to get the two dogs together. They’re so adorable as a pair!

Suki: “Such a nice day, isn’t it Hana?”

Hana: “Sigh…yes, so beautiful”

Hana: “Psst! Suki! I think your dad is trying to take a picture.”

Suki: “Yeah, he’s always doing that…guess we should smile for the camera!”

I was cracking up behind the camera seeing them together like this. So funny!

At one point, we stopped in an area where a lot of people were gathered, watching the sun set over the water. We had our Shibas get on top of a higher platform for more photos:

Of course, with all those people around, it wasn’t long before the two dogs drew lots of attention:

What can I say? Shibas are irresistable!

We kept shooting and shooting until the sun went down. Had such a great time. Made me think…it’d be so nice to have a second Shiba around to keep Suki company. Suki and Hana did so well together, and seemed to feed off of one another’s personalities. It was really interesting watching them cooperate, navigate terrain together, and yes, pose for the camera =)

Until next time, little Hana!


Images: Nikon D300s + Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G // Nikkor 70-300 VR

20 thoughts on “Suki Meets Hana

  1. This is too cute…. I see you guys where in Santa Cruz.. well I saw the map in the flickr picture.. Well near there I think… hehehe So awesome too see all these cute pictures of the two dogs..

    I love the one of Suki Smiling will talking to Hana.. =D So funny

  2. LOVE it! Another Shiba! Awesome! Sounds and looks like it was a fun day for all of you! Do share – all naturally lit shots?

  3. they do look adorable together! i love the one where both of them were looking at you and suki was “smiling”. maybe you guys should get suki a sibling =)

  4. Jonathan,
    These are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Hana now tilts her head and looks toward the door when I say, “Where’s Suki?”

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