Team Suki

A fellow photographer, and as I just discovered today, super-awesome illustrator sent me the image you see above this morning. Inspired by my work this year for 52 Weeks of Suki, the original hand-drawn artwork is on it’s way to me in the mail. What a cool gift! She included so many specific details that I bust out laughing every time I look at the drawing. Everything’s there, from Suki’s signature paw print collar and proud demeanor, Bridget’s white coat and scarf (and freckles), to my low and tight shooting technique. She’s even got Bridget flying much of that off-camera flash over Suki’s head, ensuring that there’s not too much spill heating up the lower portion of my frame. Brilliant! =)

A big thank you to my friend Cindy for this lovely work of art!

13 thoughts on “Team Suki

  1. What a gift/talent she has! What an eye for detail and skill – “accurate” yet simple and clear. I see a lot of affection for her subjects in this adorable drawing!

  2. I’m super Glad you guys loved it!!
    For the details i always make sure i capture the character and personalities of the people mostly when it’s just Animation type and not realistic. So i HAD to focus on the small things such as Suki’s collar, your glasses, shooting technique, hair cut, Bridget’s hair coat and scarf! Plus an undetailed City in the back for (SF). For the idea of Bridget holding the Flash i went to your “Behind the scenes” folder in FB jeje

    1. You really nailed the details! I was surprised to find that you haven’t drawn in a while. You should definitely start up again! My wife and I have been talking about the drawing all day. We keep saying, “That’s us! That’s totally us!” haha

      Thanks again Cindy. Thanks to everyone else for the comments too!

  3. This is amazing! Love the details and the eyelashes on Suki. How cool that your wife is also shown. We don’t see or realize how hard she works for these pictures too.

  4. Even though I am a Canon loyalist (I even use Canon at work), I love your Suki blog and hope to see something in 2011. Your posing capture and your lighting is very good and you have a lovely city to photograph in the background.

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