Big Print Order

I’ve been so busy this year that I haven’t even had a chance to turn my images from a bunch of digital data into real prints! I received package in the mail today from my lab, and wow am I impressed with the quality. I purchased the prints
directly from my website, Printed on professional Kodak Endura Metallic paper, the images have a contrast and pop that is simply stunning. You have to see it to believe it!

Most of my images are available for purchase right from my website. It’s incredibly easy! I thought Suki would be a little more excited though. She doesn’t seem all that impressed….

9 thoughts on “Big Print Order

  1. metallic prints are always awesome… and those are some lovely prints!!
    jon, if you don’t mind me asking, which vendor do you order your prints from… if you don’t want to post here just email me 😉

    1. Thanks man! I use Fotomoto to take care of all my e-commerce, printing, and delivery needs. A custom interface is built into every photo I add to my galleries for people to purchase prints and have them shipped direct. Really, really awesome =)

  2. Suki would only be excited if these prints were edible doggie treats. haha! Can’t wait to buy frames for all of these today! Oh, and hardware to hang everything. Yay!

  3. LOL, I’m sure Suki is impressed… She’s just being shy ;p haha. That’s awesome you got them printed!! They look gorgeous…. and metallic paper rocks!

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