The Suki Wash

It’s been quite a while since Suki had her last bath, and today was the day. Do you think Suki has any idea what she’s in for at today’s pet store visit?  My guess is no!

The Shiba Inu is a very fastidious and clean animal, so we don’t need to do this too often. I still remember when I gave Suki her very first bath. She was about 10 weeks old. Soon as the water hit her, she let out the famous Shiba Scream. Good night! You’d think I was pouring hot lava on her or something.

Nowadays, she still hates taking baths (or getting wet in general…what are you Suki, a cat?!), but nevertheless tolerates the process:


We’re currently treating Suki’s “allergy eyes.” She gets them every spring for about a month at a a time. Poor itchy-eye’d Suki.




There, good as new. Extra fluffy…and after a day, she still smells like mango. =)


Nikon D700 + Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G

14 thoughts on “The Suki Wash

  1. haha! so cute! love that last photo with her tongue sticking out a bit. she is just like a cat, except my cats would never just sit there obediently letting us wash them. i’m lucky that cats are self-cleaning machines. their fur smells better than my hair (and they don’t need any expensive hair products 🙂

  2. Oh man, that is the most entertaining post I’ve seen from anyone in ages lol. Love how Suki looks so calm in the bath. She’s come a long way I guess? Kind of curious about what that Shiba scream sounds like though haha

  3. I love the spin picture and the last picture you got of Suki. It’s like she’s saying “this is what I think of baths: meeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

    You’re quite lucky that Suki tolerates the dryer, Mika hates that thing near his face.

  4. I love how she is sticking her tongue out in the last pic, so aptly expressing how she feels about the whole bath process!

  5. She looks like she took the bath very well!
    How’re her allergy eyes? Just curious what kind of treatment you use for her allergies. Given my shiba’s hellish battle with allergies last summer, we’re very interested in what others are doing, too!

    1. Thanks for the comment! We had to take her to the vet. She’s currently taking antihistamine daily. Along with some steroid treatment, she was able to get through the allergy season pretty well this year =)

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