More Dog Park Antics

Packing up and getting ready to head out alone on a photo walk, I turn around as I open the front door to see Suki giving me the “I’m going too, right?” look. Agh, she gets me every time! Ok Suki, let’s go… People often ask me how I get Suki to cooperate when I take pictures of her, or to cooperate with anything for that matter. Here’s the simple answer: get her tired first! There’s no better place for her to run some energy down than at the dog park:

If I need Suki to chillax while I take pictures out on the street, the day has to start here, where she engages other dogs in GLORIOUS BATTLE!

Ok. Not really =)

We’ve never met a Corgi that Suki didn’t absolutely love. Maybe she finds it endearing that they look like stubby, disproportionate Shibas.

Besides the sparring, the dog park is a great place to play fetch. Fetch on Suki’s terms, that is. I love how she starts playing “soccer” with some random lady at around 00:35 in the video clip above. Towards the end, she’s like “eh, I’m done.”

I actually did do a photo walk with Suki after this visit to the park, but I’ll make that a separate post. =)

Images: Nikon D700 + Nikkor AFS 24mm f/1.4G
Video: Olympus PEN EPL-2 + M. Zuiko 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 MSC

16 thoughts on “More Dog Park Antics

  1. Aww, so cute. Love that she feels a kindred connection with corgis. 🙂 I was just reading today that the best way to take pics of dogs is to tire them out first.

    1. Absolutely true! Getting her tired before a shoot was something I learned very quickly during my Suki project last year. Suki is happiest after a good session at the park =)

  2. Why is it that Shibas always make their humans looks so silly? Like WE’RE the dog picking up the ball! 😛 Mine does the same thing.

    Suki is so elegant and lovely!

  3. I enjoyed very much watching Suki chan running around. めちゃかわいい!!!Yes, she is playing soccer with the lady;D So cute. Makes me smile. Oh, I wanna play with Suki chan some day!

  4. “stubby, disproportionate Shibas” – that totally cracked me up! Did that random lady almost kicked Suki in her face when she was kicking the ball? Anyway, fun seeing Bridget and Suki in action =)

    1. Yeah, I think she did, hah! That’s the risk Suki takes when she tries to play soccer with people instead of playing fetch like a normal dog =D

  5. Omg, I love those action shots you took of Suki and the other dog!! Super captures :)… Great blog, it’s always nice to see more photos of Suki and her interactions!

  6. i love the part in the video where Suki seems to say “i’m done with fetching. can we go now?” when you tell her to stay, you don’t have the leash on her, even where it seems kinda busy-street-ish. have you ever had a scary moment??

    1. I’ll let you in on my big secret. I photoshop my leashes out! Suki’s safety is a priority out on the street =)

      Thanks for all the comments everyone!

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