A Day in Glen Park

Olympus PEN E-PL2 + Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

Seems like there are more and more farmers markets popping up around San Francisco lately. I found out a few days ago that for the first time this past Sunday, a market would be set up in the small neighborhood I grew up in, Glen Park. Such a big place in my heart for this little neighborhood.

To my fellow San Franciscans: weren’t the clouds crazy beautiful yesterday? My goodness. We never get clouds like this! While the wife perused the market, sampling the local produce, I snapped away:

The Glen Park market was relatively small, so it didn’t take long for us to be done checking it out. All that gazing at food made us pretty hungry….

More clicks on the way to La Corneta, the local neighborhood taqueria. Not the best in the city, but hey, they made a killer quesadilla for us today:

Stomachs full, a little more shooting. Even though I spent so many years of my life in Glen Park, I never get tired of just walking around town in this area. Come to think of it, I’ve never really done a photowalk here o_O

That ugly building on the left is the Glen Park Bart station…why is it so ugly??? Oh well.

Took a coffee break at Bello. This cafe is relatively new for the neighborhood, and I actually hadn’t tried it yet until today. Seems like they’ve jumped on the “individually-hand-brewed-drip” bandwagon that’s become very popular among the city’s elite coffee houses. It was a decent cup, but it still had nothing on a cup of Blue Bottle, Ritual, or Philz.

We left the area for a couple hours, and came back for dinner at Gialina, Glen Park’s gourmet pizzeria. As with many SF neighborhoods, Glen Park didn’t used to be this…hip. Before this place was Gialina, it was one of those greasy, ghetto pizzerias. Times have definitely changed for the better around here =)

Gialina is always packed during dinner rush. I’m surprised we got the best seats in the house, at one of two tables by the window. Yes!

Potato and Pancetta pizza. “Potato!?!?” Was my first thought when I ordered this pie for the first time a few years ago. Crispy carbs covered with thin slices of more carbs? Extremely…delicious…. We also ordered a roast pork chop, perfect with a glass of the house red:

Three scoops of Bi-Rite Creamery snickerdoodle ice cream for the lady, and an afogatto for me. Perfect finish. My Nikon FM came along for the day as well. Still trying to get through a roll of Ilford HP5 that I’ve had loaded in the camera for about a week. Strange that I can completely drain my digital camera’s battery in a single day, but it takes me forever to work through a roll of 36 exposure film.

Good night, Glen Park!


All Images: Olympus E-PL2 + Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 (all JPEGs)

30 thoughts on “A Day in Glen Park

  1. You know, although not mentioned, this is a fantastic review for the E-PL2 in the right hands. No test charts, no brick walls, no 100 percent crops: Just purely good photography.

    Great shots, eyes for color, and I especially and drooling over the food and coffee shots. When I come out, we need to do a photo walk / food tour. Count on it. 🙂

    Great post.

  2. Loved this! Thanks for taking us along with you as you pretty much did what I would consider to be my ideal day, down to the snickerdoodle ice cream. Good lord, all that good looks so good. Also, I’ve never been to Glen Park… I’ll put it on my list of places I must visit in SF.

    1. Glen Park is my hooooood. You’d be surprised how many SF natives actually aren’t aware of this area, despite the fact that its a transportation hub in the city. Definitely an ideal day though, right? Little moments captured within the span of a day. Gotta love it =)

  3. Wow, Honies! This is one of my favorite posts from you EVER! So many pictures! I really love how you captured all of the different textures, from the fluffy cotton clouds to the fibrous vegetable skins, to the creamy, silky coffee. Nice job! I love how versatile this little camera is!

    1. Thanks Bridge!

      Yes, there were plenty of great subjects to photograph that day. We were simply there to capture them. The best part of all was the company of course =)

  4. Jonathan, what’s your secret to stitching together a group of photos with that little white margin in between? I assume you’re not making them manually in Photoshop or similar? 🙂


    1. Actually, all this time I have indeed been doing it manually. Cropping, resizing, building the stitches together by hand in photoshop. This post is actually the first time I used Photoshop plug in called “Tych Panel” to do the job for me.

  5. I agree the clouds were gorgeous!! I snapped a couple pics when we were at Golden Gate Park yesterday. Next time you guys are in our ‘hood, let us know. Stop by for a quick hello or something!

    On a totally separate note, I’m thinking we need to plan another shoot for “All Nomar” soon. I was looking over the last shoot and think he’s definitely due for an update.

    1. Sure! We’ll give you a buzz when we’re “in town” =) oh, and Nomar is definitely looking way different than he did in his last shoot. That and I have a slew of new gear I wouldn’t mind putting to the test =D

      1. Good deal. You or Bridge hit me up via text and we’ll schedule something. YAY!

  6. Awesome market photos man! So much color and the clouds did look pretty fantastic here 😀 Oh and that pizza… dude, I just went and exercised and now I want to pig out :p

    1. haha, I think I needed a workout after that meal for sure man. Next time you’re in town, dinner’s on me at one of these pizzerias 😉

  7. Charming little neighborhood! The pizza looks really delicious. And those clouds – wow, some of the fluffiest ones I’ve seen!

    Same thing with my film camera. I loaded a roll of film like weeks ago, and finally had an opportunity to shoot with it over the weekend, but only took about 10 pics. Meanwhile, I can go crazy with my digital. It’s gonna take me months to finish the roll, ha!

    1. Thank Karleen!

      Yeah, I think I’m just a lot more careful with film. Pretty funny, I used it all week and I took the same amount of frames, about 10. Definitely a different way of shooting! =)

  8. Nice walk with cameras:)) I really love the market photos here!
    Oh, it’s nice to keep shooting with the Nikon film camera. I think one good thing about the film camera is the way you enjoy shooting at a slow pace:) Just enjoy! You’ll have some more fun when you have the roll developed after you forget what you’ve shot;D

    1. Thanks Akane, you’re right! Since it takes me so long to burn through a roll these days, I do indeed forget certain frames. I think one of the great things about the film camera is that getting a roll developed is always a surprise as you rediscover with those forgotten frames =)

  9. Great series! Especially liking the pizza shots. Love following through your days like this. It’s funny you said you drained your DSLR battery faster than going through a roll of film.

  10. Nice weather. Pretty neighbourhood. Texture. Colour. Coffee. Food. Film. The life! =) New old place, same great photographer. Made me glad to know I’m not the only one saving up those film frames. Can’t wait for those B&Ws.

    1. Thanks! This area is a big part of my history…one day I want to do a photo documentary on it. I can’t wait for the for the BWs too! Still got 26 frames to burn though =)

  11. Stunning post; love how you captured nearly every step of your day in the neighborhood. You’re shots are really starting to convince me to look at the 20mm pancake; seems like a great little lens.

  12. I have not had a lot of time recently but your series of street shots is very good. The market vegetables are excellent as as the human interest.

    It would be good if more people understood street photography takes many forms. If anyone lives in a large city people use that city, in turn that creates human interest shots. Than it in turn creates the opportunity to shoot where they go, what they do and what it all looks like.

    Nice job I like this, and miss real big city life.

    1. Thank you Jim! I’ve been very busy myself in fact. Most of my photography these days seems to happen while I’m out doing “more important things.” It’s rare that I get to go out for the purpose of photography lately, but you have to work with what you have =)

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