Life in Color, Life in Black and White

Browsing through my image catalogs last night, I discovered lots of random frames I’ve taken lately that I never posted anywhere. Just for the fun of it, I slapped them all together and made a couple spreads. These are all taken with my Oly E-PL2, which I still feel great about even though an X100 found its way into my bag this week. I think the two can actually work well together, but I’ll save that concept for another post.

I tend to just let loose and have fun with the Olympus. You can get some pretty insane results with the built-in filters, like pop art and pinhole:

That larger image of Suki in the car above was actually taken by the wife.  I myself take the blame for the badly framed shot of Suki at the bottom left of the spread, taken from the hip. Gotta give credit where it’s due!

I love how black and whites look straight from the camera, using either the grainy film art filter or just standard monochrome. The E-PL2 definitely has better black and white output than the x100 in my opinion:

That’s it! An image-dominant post. It is a photo blog after all. Happy shooting this weekend!
Olympus PEN  E-PL2 + Panasonic 20mm f/1.7

10 thoughts on “Life in Color, Life in Black and White

  1. Beautiful collection of pics. I love that deep blue sky color captured by this camera. I’m really impressed with the quality of the pics produced by this camera!

  2. I think people thinking of getting a digital camera should see your blog! ;))
    They’ll find a right way how to enjoy and which camera to buy.
    Recently again I’ve been thinking of selling away my E-P1 since I got my iPhone, but as I read your blog I’ll think twice about it;D

  3. I’m a fan of pic-heavy posts. 🙂 I also like playing with b&w straight from the camera; I can pretend I’m shooting b&w film. Happy weekend!

  4. Nice shooting. Often a shot will look uninteresting until you put it with other shots that seem uninteresting, then you have a documentary——as you have here.

  5. Wonderful, vibrant shots here! I love Eats, although I miss the old mom & pop feel of the place before the remodel (and new owners, I believe). My go-to order there was the Joe’s Scramble.

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