Tych Panel: Making Diptychs, Triptychs, and More

I follow many photo bloggers who arrange their images in beautiful multi-panel layouts on their blog posts. I love the look of multiple panels, so I started presenting my work in the same way here. Ever since I started doing it, however, I’ve been asked the same question many, many times:

“Hey Jonathan, how do you make these multi-panel thingys? Do you arrange them manually or do you use some kind of software?”

Here’s the secret:

When I first started arranging my photos into multiple panels, I did indeed make everything manually in Photoshop. What a pain! Now I use a third-party Photoshop CS5 extension called Tych Panel. As a Photoshop extension, it works right in CS5 as an additional panel that automates the diptych/triptych process. It’s so easy to use that I laughed the first time I gave it a try. How easy? Check out the video below to see what was involved in making the diptych at the top of this post (might want to view in full screen):


Whew! Doesn’t get much simpler than that, does it? What about the triptych below?

Just open the files, chose the pattern you want, and Tych Panel does the rest:


Ok, what if you want to get crazy and just keep adding photos to make one really big multi-tych? Can do!


I know the videos moved a little fast and didn’t specifically outline the step by step directions for using Tych Panel. Have no fear!Β Reimund Trost, the developer of this amazing extension, has very detailed instructions on how to use Tych Panel on his website.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Tych Panel is FREE. Head on over to the link below to download it and give it a try yourself:


Hey fellow bloggers, how do you create your dips and trips?

21 thoughts on “Tych Panel: Making Diptychs, Triptychs, and More

  1. I’m laughing really hard right now. I do everything on Photoshop manually, and it sure is a pain in the ass. I was always looking for a program to do this for me, I even though of just creating an action, but then there’s a lot of variation in sizes when you start cropping. Thank you very much for this post!!! Makes life a lot more easier.

  2. Dang, I would have LOVED this a few months ago, when I was constantly struggling to manually create collages. But then I got Storyboard (www.storyboardrocks.com) and suddenly it became SO easy and fast. It wasn’t free, but it is completely worth it. Saved me literally hours per collage.

    1. Aaah. Storyboard actually caught my attention first, but I’m cheap. =) I do remember doing n-tychs manually and thinking “can’t this be scripted some how?!?!?!?” Gotta love these expert coders out there.

      1. Yeah, I resisted Storyboard too… Jonathan. You should have just said FREE in your first sentence because you had me at FREE. Nice tutorials =)

  3. That guy on the 1st photo (with hat on the window) always reminds me of Steve Jobs when I see him – you’ve posted him a few times before πŸ™‚

    It’s cool that Tych Panel is free, so most people should be able to afford it – just too bad it’s for Photoshop, I’d love a plugin like this for Aperture 3.

  4. Thanks Jonathan, this looks like a lifesaver! I plan on supplementing my Lightroom with CS5 soon, so I can’t wait to try this out.

  5. wow thanks for sharing the “secret”! i was wondering the same about your tiled photos. i can’t wait to go home and try this extension!

  6. Hey Jonathan, Hope you’re well. I recently installed the app. However, I’m having issues when trying to do one with one portrait, and two landscapes. I think the issue might be because the sizes are different from crop. Do you get this issue sometimes?

  7. Hey thanks for the response on the other thread. This is cool. I’ve been doing similar thing using “Print” function of Lightroom and then print the image into a JPEG file, which is a standard feature. But every time I want to make some different shapes/sizes I have to create a preset, you know.

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