Dinner at Broken Record

Broken Record – San Francisco, CA | Images: Fuji X100

I’ve been coming to Broken Record for some time now and am never ever ever ever disappointed with the dining experience. I heard some good things about the food not long after they opened, but when we first visited the place, I was a little skeptical. From the outside it just looks like your typical bar, nestled in the middle of a neighborhood where you wouldn’t really expect to find fantastic food…uhhh…

Fuji X100 | 1/40 sec, f/2, ISO 1600

Cross through the bar, where they have whiskey on tap (yes, on tap), and you’re met with a cozy little dining area. Behind the counter, a tiny kitchen where two people crank out dish after dish. Trust me, when your crawfish grits, pulled pork sandwich, beef and bacon burger, or roasted beet salad hits the table, you’ll know this place is special.

Fuji X100 | 1/40 sec, f/2, ISO 2000

Above: cold asparagus with warm prawns and crab meat over a white truffle aioli. Below it a warm chocolate brownie with ice cream. Incredibly good stuff.

Fuji X1001/20 sec, f/2, ISO 3200

The “Nachos Gringos,” pulled pork over waffle fries with a cheese sauce. We get this every time without fail. Oh, and on a photographic note, the Fuji X100’s image quality at high ISO blows me away!

Not bad for a little bar in the Crocker-Amazon area of SF! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the Yelp reviews. Yummmm…

The Broken Record
1166 Geneva Ave, San Francisco

13 thoughts on “Dinner at Broken Record

  1. wowwwww… this place sounds great! i think i would’ve walked right by it unless i knew it had great food. everything sounds so good. (this could also be because the dinner i made tonight was terrible, so i’m still starving — ha!) oh, to have a brownie + ice cream…

    1. The brownie and ice cream is good, but even better is the warm chocolate cupcake. They lay it over TCHO pudding and top with with banana whip cream. Didn’t have it on this visit because they rotate their menu, but whooo…so good!!!

  2. Ooh nice! I’m not too far from here. I heard lots of great things about Broken Record but never tried it. Even back in College, students did a food review and it had rave reviews :). Food looks delish!

  3. Man, next time I am in SF, we have to go eating again. Show me around to some good spots! That himawari place… I still dream about that ramen lol.

  4. Heard of this place, but never really check it out, not even on yelp. I wouldn’t imagine such dishes in there. I’m sold on the prawns and crab meat and white truffle aioli dish. You guys whisky drinkers? =) We need to have a drink

  5. Thanks for the awesome review – we really really appreciate the support. The photos are perfect as well.

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