Return of the Suki

I am happy to report that Suki has completely recovered from her recent illness.  A long stroll in Golden Gate Park ensued, with no itching and scratching I might add:

Fuji X100 (all images)

Fuji X100 | 1/25 sec, f/2, ISO 3200

I am Suki the Shiba Inu, and I am way too cool for the cone of shame.

23 thoughts on “Return of the Suki

  1. Glad to hear that she´s fine again !
    My dog had an eye operation recently – And she recovered just fine – Lucky us 🙂

    Hugs to all of you from Denmark – And im so pleased with the photo i won 🙂 I love it !

  2. スキちゃん、よかったね!!
    I’m very very glad to hear she has recovered from the illness!!!

    The photos look like ones taken in early autumn. Is it cool in your town?
    (Here it’s way too hot as you know;D)

  3. Oh, I forgot to say this. (I hope I didn’t tell you before)
    At Oboke Station in Tokushima, a Shiba is appointed to the assistant stationmaster;D
    Kotaro (or Toratoro perhaps, I’m not sure which is correct way to read 虎太郎) works at the station on weeknd.
    The station is in the countryside far away from where I live, but I’ll visit it and see the dog soon!
    The owner says they would like to wokr more often in autumn, so you will be able to see the dog if you come to Shikoku:DD

    1. コメントありがとうございます。サンフランシスコの夏はいつも寒いよ!You can always escape from the hot summers in Japan here. I didn’t know about the Shiba Assistant station master in Shikoku! I’ll have to see about visiting that station for sure. Take pictures of her for me! =)

  4. Hi there! Congratulations on being “freshly pressed” 😀 I couldn’t resist delving into your blog to see more pictures of Suki. I just recently returned from a San Francisco getaway and all the while during the trip I could only think of how much my Toy Poodle, Miss Maple, would have enjoyed this fine city—I think she would have enjoyed romping around Golden Gate Park, too.

  5. we are so glad she’s made a full recovery. i love how you got that shot of the golden, red, orange, and pink leaves that are so awesome to play up the colors in the Suki shots with her pink leash!

  6. I love your blog! Suki is so cute in particular 🙂 I love photography, it’s just nice to look at photos that have been taken with a good camera by a good photographer, and clearly that applies to you! Added to the list of blogs I follow on my blog 🙂 (also I found you through freshly pressed and I’ve gotta say I’m very glad!)

  7. Great pics as always! You’re really getting a lot of use out of that Fuji and making me wish I had a smaller camera than my D80.

    Incidentally, you wouldn’t say Shiba Inu in Japanese, you’d say Shiba ken, “ken” being the Chinese reading and used in conjunction with the breed name. Sorry for the Japanese language nazism 😉

  8. aw she powered through! guh i want a dog so badly! but it’s just sad having a dog in a tiny nyc apt with no room for them to frolic around.

  9. Your pics of Suki are making me consider getting a Shiba. 🙂 These shots are amazing. Loving that lighting on Suki; she looks like she’s having a blast. This is definitely front page material!

  10. I have never heard of a Shiba your dog is so beautiful ,are they related to Akitas? I just read a book Dog Man was about a man who helps to keep the Akita breed alive it is a great read for any dog lover. I found your blog thru freshly pressed. Love the photos.

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