I can’t think of a good reason why I’d ever drive to LA and back in the same day. Ok, I can think of ONE: To see a giant crowd of Shibas.

Shibapalooza is an annual event hosted by the Shiba Club of Southern California. How could we not go!?

There was a picnic lunch, games, a raffle, and various other fun Shiba-related activities to take part in. I just stuck to chasing the little furballs around with my camera:

So many Shibas!!!!

We ran into some Twibas as well (#Twiba on twitter), looking handsome in their Twiba bandanas:

Finally got to meet Tokyo!

Remember Taro from our last Shiba shoot? He was there too. Love this little guy:

Suki’s half-brother Zuko was there too! Always nice to reunite with family. We kept lots of treats handy so our Shibas could have SOME kind of interest in the event:

Why is Taro the only shiba I’ve ever met that doesn’t mind being carried?

Isn’t he the sweetest?

Suki had the easy part when it was all over. Sleeping in the comfort of her back seat mounted soft kennel while her humans took turns driving. Must be nice, Suki…must be nice.


The first person to tell me in the comments how many pictures in this post contain Suki gets a free print of their choice from! Think you know how many times she appears in the image spreads above? Let me know in the comments! (one guess per person only please)

UPDATE: Congratulations Taro! You were the first to guess correctly. There are 15 instances of Suki in this post. Good job, little buddy!

34 thoughts on “Shibapalooza!

  1. Great Picture’s and what Fun to Only go to LA for this Event.. Love all the Picture’s.. And yes I only saw her 16 times.. πŸ™‚

    1. Well, many (Suki included) seem to tolerate being held but definitely don’t prefer it. They are very independent, free spirited creatures.

  2. I count 15! I hope I’m right!

    And even if I’m not, I send shiba hugs to your pack. My pack loved seeing you three again.

    1. We have a winner! You’re the first to guess correctly, Taro! There are indeed 15 Sukis in this post =)
      I’ll be contacting you to get your info for your free print!

      Thanks all for the comments (and guesses!)

  3. I also count 15 so I will be runner-up to Taro, adorable little shiba. Your photos are awesome–especially the one of Taro in mid-jump!

  4. my human just combusted while looking at this post. i think it was too much cute to handle. the pics of twibas were the best, of course!

  5. So many awesome pictures! I’d just like to throw out that Misaki doesn’t mind being carried at all. In fact, I think she expects it sometimes.

  6. Haha Shiba overload πŸ˜€ Dude that must have been one crazy day but looks like it was a lot of fun. Love that last picture of Suki sleeping while Bridget was driving!

  7. omg, I’ve never seen so many Shibas!! So cute!! Great post Jonathan…. Love how you’ve recorded the day… I’m going to have to show this post to my mom and brother.

  8. Enjoyed seeing so many shibas – would’ve love to bring Kubi to an event too! Thanks for sharing!
    (Jasmine’s mom)

  9. Soooo many splendid Shibas! You captured some really adorable ones. Aside from Suki, of course. =)

    I can’t believe you made the trip in a single day. o_O

    Don’t forget Northern California also has an annual Shiba picnic in Novato! From the looks of it, the SoCal meetup had much nicer weather, though.

  10. Fantastic pictures! They are beautiful! You had one busy day, but I’m sure it was worth it! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Wow, they are all so well-behaved it seems! I love the pic of shibas lined up waiting eagerly for treat πŸ™‚ Was there any contest there and did Suki win any?

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