The One Reason Why I’m a Morning Person

Fuji X100 | 1/60 sec, f/4, ISO 1250

This is definitely what I call starting the morning right. Waking up extra early for the sole purpose of chilling at Four Barrel over a cappuccino? Worth it:

For me, coming here during the week means coming when the shop opens. People trickle in here and there, but it’s certainly not busy.

Later in the morning, however, Four Barrel is bustling. The pour-over coffee station opens up, and people pile in to get their fill of individually brewed cups of coffee. After grabbing my own cup, I head out side to hang out with Suki and Bridge at the public “parklet.” We sip away while watching the Valencia street traffic whiz by.

I’m not a morning person at all actually. I just really, really love coffee.


Early Morning Images: Fuji X100 | Film Sim: ASTIA (JPEG output)
Late Morning Images: Fuji X100 | Film Sim: Provia (JPEG output)

19 thoughts on “The One Reason Why I’m a Morning Person

  1. Man I can definitely tell that you love your coffee 😀 Can’t blame you at all though – We’ll have to go to some of these places the next time I am back in the bay area! Great set of shots bro, I like the decor inside this place.

  2. I still agree with Kelven 😉 I follow you for a few weeks and I love the look from your photos.
    I’m from Germany and I wonder if I see the way to brew coffee a second time. Is it the way back to the beginnings to make coffee? In the present day we have a big selection of coffee machines. We can order a normal coffee, cappuccino, latte machiato or some crazy combo with flavoured sirup. But the best coffee is the normal ‘old school’ coffee.
    Keep it up!

  3. Jon, great shots and scene selection of Four Barrel. Such a great space and neighborhood for relaxing too. You always capture the mood of your outings so well.

  4. i can totally relate. when i go to sleep late at night, i look forward to making coffee in the morning. it really is the only thing that can get me out of bed some days. and not for the caffeine, just for the comfort of the routing. 🙂

    jimmy has been waiting on the x100 to come back in stock for a while now! ahh, can’t wait until we have one.

  5. hahaha, i have seen so many pics of that blond barista (some taken by myself!). he’s famous and he doesn’t even know it. how i wish i had some of these delicious coffee places by me.

  6. Hello ..

    I am a very recent fan of urs. I myself carry a X100. I m a newbie to photography. I like to take photos like urs. Pls kindly share of your technique.

    * how u set your white balance? is it always “Auto”?
    * ISO Auto at always regardless of bright time (or) dark time?
    * I read in somewhere in your blog that u like your Film simulation “Astia”. What about color? Highlight? Shawdow?
    * Aperture priority (or) Shutter priority (or) Manual exposure?

    Hope u dont mind to share those… Thank you, Sir.

  7. Thanks for the reply…saved your blog in Bookmarks.

    will try with ur settings this weekend and try to take beautiful photos like urs..

    Thanks again…really appreciate it.

  8. I am so NOT a morning person either! The only thing I look forward to waking up early in the morning is my giant cup of coffee. I’ve tried sleeping at 9PM so that I wouldn’t feel so grouchy and mad at my alarm clock for going off at 5:30AM, but hasn’t worked yet cuz I somehow manage to go to sleep much later than that.

    Beautiful set of images here! Fuji x100 still out of stock at B&H! Well, I just spent a ton of money on new lens, so I guess it is good that it’s still unavailable 🙂

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