No Work and All Play

Fuji X100 | 1/1,000 sec, f/2, ISO 200

Lots of walking and regular trips to the dog run helps keep your dog healthy and happy, and Suki is certainly no exception. Our top area for this purpose? Mission Bay. Even during this very typical cold San Francisco summer, this area of the city generally sees clear skies, even when other parts of the city are shrouded in fog. Arriving on site early in the morning, we can already see the sun burning through the fog behind AT&T park.

Our route with Suki usually starts with, you know…

The  coffee portion is not Suki’s favorite part of the route. Give a little, get a little, Suki. Before long, we begin the half mile or so walk  through the beautifully landscaped residential area to the Suki park.

Here’s a familiar area, one of the sites of a recent photo shoot with Suki and two other amazing Shibas.

She loves stopping to take photos about as much as she loves waiting for me to finish my cup of Philz, so onward we go through the volleyball and basketball facilities, located under a concrete canopy of skyways:

Next stop, the recently renovated Mission Bay dog park, now complete with astro turf. Wohoo! From this point forward, Suki is all smiles:

Once we’re done there, the route continues around the southern end of Mission Channel, where things get a little run down due to construction… A reminder that Mission Bay wasn’t always so beautiful:

As we continue back up the channel, however, things quickly get pretty again, and by now the sun is creating beautiful light across the city scape:

The last leg of our route takes us through here, and that’s it! We try to spend as many mornings like this with Suki as we can.

Fuji X100 | 1/480 sec, f/7.1, ISO 800

Fuji X100 | 1/450 sec, f/4, ISO 800

Suki says, “Thanks! Now I’m gonna sleep for the rest of the day, mm’k?”

All Images: Fuji X100 | Astia/Provia Film Sims

16 thoughts on “No Work and All Play

  1. First, I love the way you process your photos! Really like how the colors pop and are so sharp! Second, are you sure this is in SF?!?! LOL. I’ve never been here before and it totally looks like a brand new city. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

    It’s so crazy that my blog is still up over the weekend! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw my post on FP yesterday at work, lol. Thanks for all your support!!!

    1. You know this area Jas, it’s right by the ballpark! It is relatively new though. I can remember when it was just a large area of dirt by the China Basin. Really did change for the better. =)

  2. Suki…is such a beautiful dog. Love the photo of the wheat looking grass the buildings in the background and Suki upfront. Suki looks like a cross between a fox and a wolf! All your photo’s on this post are great.

  3. You have a very nice fun series displayed here, ore photographers should shoot for their own enjoyment, you actually learn more creativity doing this.

  4. Hi there again,

    u hv a really nice update of your photos.

    wanna ask u for some tips in dim light restaurant with X100. My photos turns out to be too yellowish. I fired the built-in flash (slow sync) and face area (focused area) is ok but the skin area such as arm and surroundings, turned out to be too yellowish. Is there something to do with the WB? I set the WB to Auto. My other settings are as same as yours in “Suki Unleashed”. Pls kindly enlighten. Forgive me if my asking is not appropriate here. Thanks alots.

    1. If you’re using the exact settings I listed in the Unleashed post, I recommend removing the custom white balance shift first of all. I usually apply the custom shift to give me warmer color when shooting outdoors. In a dim restaurant where the ambient is already quite warm, an amber white balance shift will just make your images more yellow. Second of all, forget slow sync. The X100 balances flash and ambient just fine without using slow sync, which tends to burn in too much ambient. In the situation you described above, more ambient means more yellow. These two changes should fix your issue. =)

      1. Hi Jonathan,

        Thanks for very fast reply. I tried a few shots without slow sync flash as well. What happened is, w/o slow sync, face area (focused area) got yellowish as well. I set my ISO Auto Control’s max shutter speed to 1/8 sec. The decision of X100 auto ISO is around 800. f=2 (Aperture priority). DR set to Auto and X100 gave 400%.Color = Hard and Highlight = Med Hard. Is there any special WB shift setting for dim yellow light?

        I’m just keep talking about WB but I m not sure WB is the one which needed to be correct. 😦

      2. First, try raising your shutter speed to cut more of the ambient light from your exposure. If you’re still not satisfied, you could try taping a piece of orange gel over your flash so that matches the color of the ambient. Then, shift the camera into “incandescent” white balance. This will make the entire scene look more natural.

  5. Thank you..I suppose raising the shutter speed means faster shutter speed.

    With the help of a little bit of increment in ISO and maintaining at f/2, I will try again in dim light.

    Btw, thanks for the orange gel method too.. U hv a beautiful day. 🙂

  6. Great shots of Suki’s stroll through Mission Bay! I love walking through the area whenever I get to take a break from work; it really does feel like a secluded escape from the more hectic areas of the city. Clean, dog-friendly, and Philz; the perfect neighborhood.

  7. Suki chan and you are really happy to have fun walking around in this lovely city together. Wish I lived in a place good and fun to have a walk!
    Well, half an hour driving takes me to a lovely place with cute cats and I can have a bit late breakfast at a comfy cafe. I just should be content with that:)

  8. Nice, starting the day with Philz — perfect. And a long walk with Suki sounds like an awesome way to spend the day. So nice to see different areas of SF away from the crowded touristy places (like I take, haha!).

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