Can’t Predict the Weather

iPhone 4s | 4.3mm f/2.4 | 1/1400 sec ISO64

Rain was predicted all weekend in San Francisco.  Of course, weather reports for this area are almost never accurate, and Sunday was gorgeous, though very cold. The morning light was clean and beautiful, and the sky was full of clouds.

iPhone 4s | 4.3mm f/2.4 | 1/2500 sec ISO64

These two shots were my favorite images taken yesterday. I took the one up top in the morning with my phone in one hand, cup of Philz in the other. The second image was taken during sunset at Ocean Beach, where it was windy and freezing. Both brought to you by the iPhone 4s, since I forgot to bring a memory card for my Fuji x100.

Out here, it seems you can take a pretty picture, but you can’t predict the weather 😉

25 thoughts on “Can’t Predict the Weather

  1. nice colors! I finally switched to the 4S and I seriously love it. You got really great shots on the phone! Do you do any editing on the phone or are these without enhancements?

    1. Thanks Jas! You’ll love the 4s. For the top image, I did a little bit of post processing in iPhoto after the images synced to my computer. A little bit of clarity, a little highlight recovery, a touch of adjustment to the tint slider, and a slight tone curve adjustment got the final result above. Still looked great out of camera though. The second photo has a slight curve adjustment to darken the shadows a little, again, processed in iPhoto. As a Lightroom user, I never thought I’d use iPhoto for stuff like this, but it’s just so easy because of iCloud =)

      1. Thanks for the explanation! I don’t think I would have ever known this was taken with the iphone without you stating it…. It’s that good!

        I can’t wait to start taking cool looking photos with the 4s!

  2. okay so i left a comment and then my internet fizzled on me as i pressed submit, so this might be a duplicate comment.

    but anyway, that is amazeballs that the 4s can do photos like that — especially the bottom photo. kind of difficult light! the 4s is now “back in stock” at sprint…. it’ll take a mere 3 weeks to get it. boo. boo-urns. anyway, pics like these make me that much more impatient to get it!

  3. Portland is exactly the same way, it’s so ridiculous! Sunday I made sure to get the most of my day because it was predicted to rain for the rest of this week. Well, I’m still yet to see any raindrops (not that I’m complaining one bit!).

    And, we may have Stumptown up here, but I’m forever jealous of that cup of Philz. Yum!

  4. The quality of these shots is excellent. It’s great how camera phones and point and shoots stand at the ready for great shots without the bulk of a dslr.

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