Mr. and Mrs. Libatique

Whenever Josh and I would introduce one another to someone else, we’d always say:

“This is my cousin, but really, he’s my brother.”

Technically, he is indeed my cousin, but our relationship has always been very brother-like. The bond we built growing up together has continued strong, even though we’ve been living on different coasts for the last five years.

Well, today is my brother’s wedding day. It’s a warm, misty day in Medellin, Colombia, the city that Josh and Vanessa will now call home, and where the small ceremony is taking place this afternoon. Though I made last-minute arrangements to attend and take on the role of wedding photographer/best man, a series of very unfortunate circumstances prevented my departure from San Francisco. So for me, today has been decidedly bitter-sweet. Can’t help but be happy that they’re finally together for good, though!

As I type this, the ceremony and reception are happening. Crazy! So, to the new Mr. and Mrs. Libatique, I say congratulations. Josh, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, but I’m proud of you and I love you man. Take care of yourself and your beautiful wife. And Vanessa, welcome to the family, hermanita =)

Images: Nikon D700 + 50mm f1.4G | 85mm f/1.4D

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