Me and The Girls

Fuji X100 | 1/680 sec, f/2, ISO 200

Just another Sunday afternoon with the wife and Suki.


Images: Fuji X100 | Nikon V1 + 30-110 VR

18 thoughts on “Me and The Girls

      1. I’ll admit it — I’ve seen a Shiba a few times in SF and always did a doubletake to look at its owners (never you guys though).

        If you ever see a girl with a DSLR in one hand and an iphone in the other, stopping to take a picture every few feet with both, chances are it’s me. Ha!

      2. Ok, one day it’ll be the “right” shiba, and we’ll keep on the lookout for the iPhone/Dslr dual-wielding girl next time we hit the town =P

  1. Good to see your still enjoying the X100! =) im loving mine! I have a question for ya… have you seen dust build up in the viewfinder? there has been a bit on mine =( its just under the glass of the front OVF… Im just glad it does not compromise the actual image but the crazy OCD person in me does not like it!

    1. I try to be as careful as possible with dust, but you know how it is. Yes, there are some specs that show up in the viewfinder. I noticed that after I sent the camera in to Fuji for a repair under warranty however, it came back super clean, with no dust in the finder. So if you’re super OCD, you might want to contact them and see if they’ll clean it out for you if it gets bad enough.

    1. Haha, naw, haven’t gotten my hands on an X10. I may rent one so I can blog about it, but there are so many cameras being released lately that I find more exciting, so who knows when I’ll get around to it =P

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