Under Construction

Things have really slowed down for me on the blog as my free time has been diverted to our kitchen remodel for the last two months. Putting up sheet rock instead of watching the super bowl, installing insulation instead of going out on late afternoon photo walks, and eating lots of frozen dinners. I’ve stopped counting the days until we finish the work, but I think we have about 40 or so frozen dinners to go…I just want to cook something already!!!

Even Suki has to make sacrifices. More running in circles in the backyard instead of bounding up the red rock hills in San Francisco or blasting along the water at the beach.

…but when it’s over, it’s gonna be worth it!

Images: Fuji X100

12 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. Awww Poor Suki.. I know she will be really Happy once you guys are done.. Cant wait to see Pictures of the newly remodeled kitchen!! So are we invited for lunch or dinner.. 😉 hehehehehe 🙂

  2. I was wondering why it was a little quiet around your blog.
    Now I know why. But yet you have managed to take some interesting pictures of your building sight.
    If it wheren´t just so darn far from Germany to San Fransisco I would gladly take Suki for a walk. She seems such a nice partner.

    Keep up the nice shots.

    Greets from Germany


  3. Ah.. Poor Suki. Bear with it a little more buddy. I’m quite sure, there’ll be a lot of walks once this project is done. 🙂
    If I were your neighbor, I’ll surely cook dinner for you. 😀

  4. I am impatiently waiting for your next post (which will probably be about Nikon D800 that you are very likely to buy soon) 🙂

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