Remembering Puppyhood

I was cleaning out unwanted images from my archives last night when I stumbled upon some old images of Suki when she was a puppy. These are photos that I took long before I started blogging, so I think they deserve their own post today. The original jpegs were pretty flat and needed a little Lightroom 4 Beta love to wake them up, but here they are!

She was such a little rascal back then. In fact, our nickname for her was “Bad Doggy.” Not kidding! Of course, how could you ever be mad at that face?

The images above were taken with my first DSLR, a Nikon D70 with an 18-70mm lens. I borrowed it from my dad to start taking puppy pictures of Suki back in the day, and then hogged it for so long that he just let me have it. Actually, these first few pictures of Suki represent the starting point of my more passionate journey into digital photography, and she and I have both grown a little in our own respective ways since I took them:

I really wish I had more pictures of Suki as a puppy. It was such a short period of our lives, and was documented primarily using the crummy camera built into the original, first generation iPhone. What little we do have, however, we cherish =)

22 thoughts on “Remembering Puppyhood

  1. Puppyhood never lasts long enough. I did the same thing when my pup was little. I tried to get as many shots of her as I could and put together a puppy book for her. Suki is a wonderful subject and she seems to enjoy your passion

  2. Aw, Suki Puppy! Gotta love those puppy photographs, as they grow up so quickly. Our pup will be turning 2 in July and she is pure joy! We all wish that they would stay that little, longer, but you gotta grow up sometime! Love your photographs of Suki – give Suki a hug from me! Woof Woof!

  3. Hi Jonathan! These are such adorable pictures. I live in the Bay Area as well, and I was actually thinking of getting a Shiba myself, but I’ve never owned dogs before. Is Suki your first? What breeder did you get her from?

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