The Academy of Sciences: Monochrome Edition

I have yet to visit San Francisco’s Academy of Sciences during the daytime. Instead, we always end up there during Night Life, a 21+ only event where the big kids get to enjoy the Academy’s exhibits with the added benefit of cocktails and music thrown into the mix. .and no little kids.

During the daytime, the building relies heavily on natural light for interior illumination, so it gets pretty dark in there at night. While there was no shortage of color to work with inside the building last night, I wanted to try something a little different photographically on this visit and create some black and white images of our experience. Lots of wide open, high ISO shooting that night, mostly with my Fuji X100. The high ISO files are so clean from that camera, however, that I added grain to these images for a better black and white look.

My favorite exhibit has got to be this giant glass dome that houses a four-story rainforest. Birds and butterflies whiz by your head as you examine plant life from different parts of the planet. Oh, and it’s terribly humid in there!

The aquarium is equally awesome:

There’s usually a special theme involved with each week’s Night Life event, and this week’s involved robots. Pretty cool:

Once you’re done with the exhibits, you can just hang out, get some food and drinks, enjoy the music, or just run around photographing things, if you’re a photo geek like me anyways.

Everything screeches to a halt at 10pm when the Academy closes, which always feels too early. I suppose that’s a good thing if you have to wake up for work on Friday morning, however.

You know, Night Life is great and all, but in the end it’s all about the company. =)

Images: Fuji X100
B/W Conversion: VSCO’s Kodak Tri-X

11 thoughts on “The Academy of Sciences: Monochrome Edition

  1. Great photos! I was one of the many architects who worked on this building for many years. It is always rewarding to see it through the eyes (or lens) of someone else. Thanks for making these publicly viewable!

  2. LOVE THIS. in black and white, it looks so different (yet the same!). and also, it’s so much emptier there at night, apparently! that must be so nice. the aquarium is my favorite, but you’ve made the rainforest look so interesting! (i always get so hot in there that i wind up leaving too soon.)

  3. amazing place…
    I want to go there in May… thanks for this good suggestion!
    Fuji looks great in BnW shots in low lights! wow!

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