A Bit More NightLife

Among all the different, fascinating things to see at the Academy of Sciences, I usually find the people to be the most interesting element of every visit. So when I go to a NightLife event like this one, my camera is typically pointed at human interaction, either with one another or with the exhibits, as opposed to the actual exhibits themselves.

Below is a wide view of the inside of Rainforests of the World, an exhibit housed in a huge, climate-regulated glass dome. The image is a motion panorama, stitched automatically by my Fuji X100. It worked well enough, though if you look closely you’ll see a few misplaced limbs, a chopped off head, and a girl with a curiously long nose. Gruesome…

Below the rainforest you’ll find the “humans-holding-their-cellphones-skyward” exhibit. Fascinating!

This particular NightLife’s theme was photography. I kinda sorta might possibly be interested in that. 😉

The folks from the recently opened Lomography store in San Francisco were on hand to demo a variety of funky cameras, including the Lomo LC-A with a Polaroid back pictured above. Way. Cool. I also had a chance to play with the new Lytro Light Field camera (that weird rectangular thing, also pictured above).

I think Bridget had the coolest camera of all, however. Whenever I get my scanner fixed, I’ll have to post shots from her Polaroid!


All images: Fuji X100
RAWs processed in Lightroom 4

8 thoughts on “A Bit More NightLife

  1. The underwater shots are terrific – especially the one of the turtle giving the height right up through the building. Brilliant!

    Thanks so much.

    Look forward to seeing Bridget’s shots sometime!

  2. great pictures!
    I will finally have to make my way there on a Thursday night, looks like a lot fun.

    can’t wait to see the polaroids 🙂

  3. Hi Jonathon, I’ve been reading your site for a long while now and always enjoy reading your latest post. Your series of posts on the X100 and some of the images you’ve captured with it encouraged me to buy one of those cool little cameras and get shooting more often. Just wanted to drop you a Versatile Blogger award. Looking forward to seeing more of your images.

  4. dude. dude, that stitched picture? so good!

    and there was a photography night during Nightlife at the Academy?! i wish i could make it to Nightlife but thursdays are tough. womp womp.

  5. Hey, I just found your website and read through most of your X100-related posts. Simply amazing, and also presented in a great way (in terms of storyline).

    Maybe you could do an compact post which summarizes some of the lessons you learned for the X100. Nothing completely technical, which parameter to set, but rather how to approach certain kinds of scenes with only a few example images, so as not to break the text-flow.

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