Hanging Out. That’s it.

  Fuji XPRO-1 + 35mm f/1.4 XF R 

Sundays. They’re always extremely, incredibly, ridiculously busy. But not this past Sunday, when we decided to do absolutely nothing. at. all. Except for hang out at Four Barrel. Hey, we all need a lazy day to recharge every now and then, don’t we?

Forgot to charge the XPRO-1 after shooting with it the night before, so it died before I could take more than one frame (above). Doh. Took the following spread with the X100, which I still love! Hey, it’s lighter, smaller, quieter, and at least to me, prettier than the new XPRO, so it stays in the bag:

 Fuji X100

I always get a kick out of how much attention Suki gets when she’s around crowds of people.

“Is that a fox-wolf-coyote-jindo-akita-teddy-bear-basenji-finnish-spitz!?!?! No wait, isn’t that one of them Shibu Ibubus?!?!?!?!?!” Followed by lots of pats on her head and scratches behind her ears. She loves it.

 Fuji X100

Not a good year for Suki so far, though. She’ll be out of commission for two weeks while she recovers from yet another bout with allergies that flared up right after we enjoyed this one lazy day together. Cone of shame!

17 thoughts on “Hanging Out. That’s it.

  1. I loooove those lazy days more and more…

    you guys are so cute with your cameras and a dog 🙂

    and unrelated question but I just need to know… is d800 as loud as d700?

    1. Hey, that’s a great question. My D700 is gone now so I can’t really compare, but the shutter sound is definitely different, probably a little quieter on the D800. The D800 also sports a quiet drive mode that delays the mirror return when you fire the shutter. It’s SUPER quiet in that mode.

  2. Poor Suki. What allergies does she have? Chase lost all of his chest fur as a pup and we were told it was caused by a food allergy. I did some research and found that Shibas are usually allergic to either wheat, soy, or corn, or a combination of the three. Instead of figuring out which one he was allergic to, we took all three out of his diet and he has been fine since.

    1. Thanks! We actually do have her on a restricted diet right now. She has a pretty bad skin allergy that comes and goes. Vet still can’t figure out exactly what’s causing it =(

  3. Poor suki! I can almost relate… the dry windy vegas weather has been killing me as far as alergies but i dont have to wear the cone of shame… for now.. and as always lovely photos! =)

  4. I have an X100 which I am fully satisfied and so I did a firmware 1.21 that fixes a bug, faster AF, On the frequency of updates, well fuji very serious. there are overall improvements that have been made and which were partially requested by users.

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