Shooting The 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 50mm f/1.2L | 1/160 sec, f/1.2, ISO 200 

I was honored to have been invited by my cousin and best buddy, Josh Liba, who flew all the way to San Francisco from Medellin Colombia, to help shoot a fantastically beautiful wedding yesterday as his second shooter. I helped cover the event using Canon’s new 5D Mark III, a very impressive camera. The new auto focus system in particular is a significant feature for the series. If you’re a Mark II owner, you’ll really notice the vast improvement in auto-focus performance with Mark III. Vast. Improvement.

Here are just a few frames I grabbed as I went throughout the day, trying to point my camera at whatever Josh wasn’t shooting:

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 135mm f/2L | 1/2,000 sec, f/2, ISO 200

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 135mm f/2L | 1/200 sec, f/5.6, ISO 200

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 135mm f/2L | 1/2,000 sec, f/2, ISO 200

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 135mm f/2L | 1/600 sec, f/2, ISO 200

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 35mm f/1.4L | 1/30 sec, f/4, ISO 100

The shot above was taken using  a couple of Canon’s new Speedlite 600 EX-RTs, one on camera, and one behind the couple on the other side of the dance floor providing some rim light on my subjects. The cool thing about this new flash unit is that it has the ability to radio trigger other off-camera units. Very, very cool.

You can see Josh in the background at the edge of the frame to the right taking a shot from the other side. His on-camera flash is actually pointed at that wood-panelled wall right next to him. He fired his camera at the same exact time I did, washing light off that wall and providing my shot with some very welcome background detail. Yeah, uh, we totally meant to do that 😉

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 50mm f/1.2L | 1/8,000 sec, f/1.2, ISO 100 

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 50mm f/1.2L | 1/6,400 sec, f/1.2, ISO 100 

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 50mm f/1.2L | 1/3,200 sec, f/2, ISO 100 

Such unique experience, shooting a wedding alongside your best bud. It was probably the most fun either of us have had on a gig.

17 thoughts on “Shooting The 5D Mark III

  1. Wow these photos are better than the majority of wedding photographers I researched in my area. You really have a great eye for composition and candids.

  2. Gorgeous shots Jon! I love how you back light them and the new Canon flash does seem pretty promising. I shot a wedding this past Saturday with my best buddy too and I couldn’t agree more on having someone you trust completely by your side.

  3. mmhmm, mmhmm… vast improvement, you say? i am SO TEMPTED to get one solely for the AF.

    looks like so much fun, shooting with friends. less stressful too, i’ll bet.

  4. Hello Jonathan! Great post on the new canon. I my self still shoot the Nikon D700 and still do not feel the need as of yet to upgrade to the phenominal D800.

    On a side note, I just signed up today on word press so i am very very new to this website and bloging in general. The reason i tell you this is because i really enjoy reading your enteries and better yet, viewing your wonderful photos! So having said that, I was wondering how you input the small text basic exif data on the photos you put up?

  5. really pretty shots,

    after this experience, would you consider switching over to Canon?
    and how about that 50mm f/1.2 lens?

    1. You know, the 50mm f/1.2 alone makes me want to move completely over, though I still like Nikon’s auto focus better. It’s really a tough call!

      1. These were all taken in aperture priority (except for the indoor shot with flash). I used the 50mm the most, and just pegged it at 1.2 most of the time 😉

  6. I’m surprised that you, a die-hard nikon user, would consider switching to Canon 🙂 So now, I need 5dmiii AND 50mm 1.2! The wishlist just never shortens, ha!

  7. Best wedding ever, man! Really was awesome to shoot together, and took a great load off having you there to help with eeeeverything, directing large groups, show me how to perfect some great strobe techniques, and well – mostly because you’re my best bud!

    Oh, and we gotta get some of those shots with Bumblebee in there. 😉

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