Jenny At Cafe Du Nord

The incredibly talented Jenny Lewis played this weekend with the Watson Twins, Johnathan Rice, Farmer Dave, and Nik Freitas at the Swedish American Hall in Cafe du Nord here in San Francisco. It was Jenny at her best, and this show was probably one of my favorites ever, right up there with the concert she did at the House of Blues. Front row seats are awesome for taking a few photos and grabbing one of the set lists at the end of the show.

Just a word on the Fuji XPRO-1. This thing has some staggering low-light performance. Just give the AF something contrasty to lock on to, and the camera returns some amazing files! 🙂


All Images: Fuji XPRO-1 + 35mm f/1.4 XF R and 18mm f/2 XF R
Out of camera files using the XPRO’s B&W film simulation (green filter)

3 thoughts on “Jenny At Cafe Du Nord

  1. These photos are fantastic!!!! I am still thinking about how amazing Jenny was and how the band sounded so perfect together. The Watson Twins were a great surprise! I love Jenny sosososo much!

  2. Did you choose the “green filter” due to color of clothing, stage lighting, or perhaps to correct skin tone? In film days we’d sometimes use a light yellow filter under tungsten light for most accurate monochromatic interpretation, but I don’t ever remember using green, which I always thought of as a filter to lighten foilage.

    1. Hi Robert,

      Great question! Lighting can get a little weird at a concert venue, so in this case I picked the filter that made things look “right” to me after doing some test shots. Green seemed to do the trick.

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