A day before my cousin and I shot a recent wedding together, we took a stroll in the neighborhood where he grew up, an area his immediate family still calls home. He’s been away from San Francisco for many years now, so coming back to his old ‘hood without ever seeing its slow transition from “somewhat ghetto everything” to “sustainable green local fancy vegan fair trade organic everything” made the walk an interesting experience, I’m sure.

As you can see, he had a chance to practice chasing Suki down the street while trying to photograph her. Not easy!

The folks over at VSCO recently released version two of their awesome film presets, which I used to process all of these photos. The new presets are the bomb, period. Love the look, love the customization. Love. Love. Love.


Images: Canon 5D Mark III + 50mm f/1.2L

VSCO: Kodak Portra 160 VC +

12 thoughts on “VSCO 02

  1. Beautiful photos and natural colors. You sure know when to take your walks with such beautiful lights. It always reminds me of your pictures when I walk and see the sun setting along the mission or the ball park; al though this set doesn’t look like neither.

  2. Great shots, bro! I still have mine sitting in a folder named ‘sort’ haha. The wedding processing took all the time. Man, VSCO looks great! Been waiting to try a Fuji color emulation for those pastel smooth tones. Hope we can do another walk in November.

    Maybe get a cup of fair-trade, volunteer eco-worker hand-picked, 100% organic, side-roasted green-conscious drip coffee (made with brown wheat husk filters) at the sustainable grounds worker-owned co-operative cafe and bistro. (Formerly Jorge’s Tacos)

  3. These look awesome!! I’ve been thinking about getting VSCO 02, but I have LR3 and have been hesitant to upgrade to LR4 cuz of the complaints I’ve read about it being really slow. How do you like LR4?

  4. so timely! tomorrow is the last day it’s 50% off so i’m tempted to get it, even though i never use the 1st pack. :/

    also, a mkiii? O_o

    also also, love that golden light.

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