A Mistake Worth Repeating

Yet another roll of 127 film that I ran through my 53-year-old Ansco Cadet. I’ve been trying to put together a small portfolio of images taken with the Ansco, but it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. I lost the last roll of film I shot with it before I could get the roll developed, and it’s pretty easy to see from the scans above that my latest roll had some issues.

Seems I was unknowingly overlapping exposures this time around. Oops! But even though I was bummed when I first saw the negatives, out of curiosity I decided to scan them anyway while preserving the overlapping frames. I must admit, I kind of like the results. Might be a mistake worth knowingly repeating 🙂

The image above shows the three complete scans that were done at the lab, and I added some crops below to show more detail:

Totally digging the multiple Suki frames here.

All Images: Ansco Cadet | Bluefire Murano 160

12 thoughts on “A Mistake Worth Repeating

  1. I love how the overlaps still “make sense” and tell a story about that whole day we spent together. With great colors and subjects, this is a giant art piece!

  2. I just picked one of these up at an antique shop for $10 and came across this post when I googled Ansco Cadet. Mine will likely be for display but I must say your photos make me want to see if mine is functioning!! Great job.

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