Some Shots With The Nikon D600

I had a chance to shoot with the brand new Nikon D600 this weekend. It’s so new that I have no way to post process the camera’s RAW files on my computer, so the frames in this post are camera-processed JPEGs with a little oomph added to them in Lightroom.

The D600 feels just like using a slightly heavier, fatter D7000 with an FX format sensor. Typical of Nikon’s latest digital cameras, the image quality is quite fantastic, but a couple of things immediately bugged me with this camera. First of all, the AF system covers a very small center portion of the viewfinder compared to most other DSLRs, and in practice it seems a little silly selecting between the 39 AF points, all of which are sardined into that little center area.

The other thing? Maximum native flash sync on the D600 is 1/200 instead of the 1/250 I’m used to with Nikon bodies. The small flash lover in me goes “awwwwwwwwww.”

Of course, there’s a lot to like about the camera too. It’s relatively small and light weight for a full frame shooter, it’s packin’ an awesome sensor, and the price makes FX more accessible than ever before. But eh, I already have a compact full framer that I’m pretty happy with =)

Images: Nikon D600 + Nikkor 28mm f/1.8G / Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G

15 thoughts on “Some Shots With The Nikon D600

    1. I guess it’s a good excuse to buy a Nikon, hey Jonathan ?
      As a D7k owner i can say it would be my weapon of choice, if my 1st buy. It’s merely 90g heavier than its APS-C cousin.
      Not that i have held yet, but, i’ve been reading several opinions and reviews on it.. I really agree with you -> it’s basically Nikon’s excuse to go to FX, cramming those 39 AF points in such a small portion of the sensor.

      I think i can say that it is a nice D7k updated model with a couple of better positioned buttons and nice features.. that HAPPENS! to be Full Frame..

      hehehe I know a company that’s based near there that’s just launched a new “5” model that features exactly the same quirks..
      wouldn’t you recon ? 😀

  1. As always great photos. What’s your initial impressions on the image quality from the sensor (JPEGs only at this time) as well as ISO capability? I’m a D700 shooter, so I’m interested to see how the D600 compares. The video features look good too. However, the higher flash sync, better AF system, more robust build, dedicated buttons, and 8fps capability are all things I couldn’t give up for shooting jobs. The D600 looks to have the features to be a great travel camera (for a FF DSLR).

    1. As far as image quality, from the little time I’ve had with it so far I can already tell that the D600’s sensor is phenomenal. I haven’t shot a lot at high ISOs with the camera yet, but I’m sure it’ll do well there. I’m in agreement with you about the D700 though. Unless portability or video is your top priority, you already have a stellar FX camera with some high end features that are missing in this new release.

  2. Do we tend to take really good(better?) pictures, with a great(er) camera on our hands ?
    I really have to say that _ Yes !
    As always Jonathan , your “Ok” pics are above average 😉 .
    As for the incredible ones :
    On the M3 page, the architect in me loves the “barbed-wire & building” one.
    The musician in me really connects to the “(your) wife reading” one. definitely brilliant shots. Congrats/thanks!
    Music makes reality better than it is.. or should i say.. it shows how those routine/normal moments are really the building blocks of our lives _ you just gotta be ‘connected’ .
    Look at those tones.. 🙂

  3. Hey Jon,
    thanks for the post. I came across your post regarding the 1.4 lenses, link as below.

    I just got myself a 50/1.4G and using D600 with it. To my surprise, it doesn’t capture image as sharp as shown on your life at 1.4 post. Would you please be kind enough to tell if you af tune the lens or do you photoshop sharpen it ? if not, I guess there must be something wrong with my lens.

    Besides, have you tested the 50/1.4G on D600 ? What’s your thought with it ?

    Would appreciate if you can reply to me. Hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Hi Kelvin,

      None of my lenses have any AF fine tune tweaks at the camera, and I don’t really go crazy with sharpening in post either. I haven’t shot the 50mm f1.4G with the D600 yet, though I have used that lens on both the D700 and D800, and it’s pretty sharp. That being said, the sharpness in your final images depends on a lot of other factors, so it’s hard to say why you’re not getting the results you want. Thanks for your comment!

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