The Happy Dog

Chasing Suki around at the beach with a telephoto lens during the last few minutes of sunset reminded me of what a happy dog she is. No matter how much negativity I encounter in the world, I can always count on her positive energy and her uplifting spirit.

Taken by the wife with her cell phone. Hah!

Dogs are absolute treasures. Never take them for granted.


23 thoughts on “The Happy Dog

  1. Gah! What an utterly heartwarming post, Jonathan. I long for the day that Chris and I can expand our family with a dog. The trick will be finding one that Felix & Franny approve of. 😉

  2. “No matter how much negativity I encounter in the world, I can always count on her positive energy and her uplifting spirit.”
    So much truth in this post and, in particular, in that sentence. I couldn’t agree more with you thoughts about dogs. They can always lift up your spirit!

  3. Jonathan, you’re awesome man, thanks for sharing these. The DOF on that 200mm F2 is superb! Again, great images, love your work!

  4. Hi Jonathan, Since discovering your site (all because my kids have gotten me an X100 for my 75th birthday in January), I’ve sent you several comments, pretty much of a technical nature, all of which you have answered quickly, politely and interestingly. But today I would like to affirm your beautifully written and photographed piece on Suki and on dogs in general. Our kids moved out decades ago and live hundreds of miles from us, my wife has Parkinson’s disease and I have cancer… BUT, we HAVE A DOG!! And, frankly, Jonathan, she gives us a reason to live and to carry on. When I get my new X100 in January, I’ll send you her picture. Her name is Nellie, and she is a five-year-old, 100-pound Giant Schnauzer. We have always had dogs, when our kids were growing up, etc. They add so much to the wonder of life.

  5. Sorry to take up more space than I should, with this second post, but I was wondering if you manually set your white balance to full daylight in order to retain the warm character of late afternoon or early morning light?

    1. Hi Robert,

      Appreciate the comment, and I’m happy to hear you have such a powerful and beneficial connection to your dog as well. As far as my white balance settings, I actually left the camera in auto white balance for this series. It seemed to pretty accurately reproduce the warm sunset colors we saw that day.

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