Sony RX1

 Sony RX1 | 1/30 sec, f/2, ISO 6400

Got my hands on a brand spanking new Sony RX1 this evening! Despite the high price and the little time I’ve actually spent with this camera so far, I can already tell the RX1 is going to make some waves. It’s basically a point and shoot, and in practice it operates just like you’d expect a compact camera to operate. The fact that it’s packing a 35mm film-sized sensor, however, is just crazy considering how incredibly small the camera actually is.

 Sony RX1 | 1/50 sec, f/2, ISO 800

Built into the RX1 is a nice chunk of Zeiss glass, a 35mm f/2 Sonnar. You won’t be swapping lenses with this thing, which actually doesn’t bother me too much since I’ve been shooting with my fixed-lens Fuji x100 for such a long time.  What does bother me is that the RX1 costs more than double what I paid for the x100. Ouch.

Sony RX1 | 1/80 sec, f/2, ISO 3200

 Sony RX1 | 1/40 sec, f/2, ISO 6400

I’ll need to wait until Adobe releases RAW support for the RX1’s files before I can post process the camera’s output myself. For now, the images in this post are all camera-processed JPEGs.

These images where shot hand-held at very high ISO. Pretty impressive performance low-light performance, which is not too surprising considering the big fat sensor Sony stuffed into this thing. More impressions to come on the RX1 as I evaluate it over the next week. Stay tuned!


20 thoughts on “Sony RX1

  1. You can set the value of the exif tag: SonyModelId to SLT-A99V which will fool ACR or Lightroom into importing the files. There are other model tags within the file – they can remain unchanged as DSC-RX1.

    With exiftool it’s easy enough to do:

    Download. On Windows (maybe on Mac – up to you to figure that out) you can create a drag and drop target by copying the exe file and renaming the copy to:

    exiftool(-k -SonyModelId=SLT-A99V -overwrite_original_in_place -P).exe

    Then you can drag and drop RX1 files on top of the newly renamed exe – it’ll process them, show a window with any messages, and that’s that.

    Apparently LR4.3 will contain the RX1 additions and lens profiles – its not in the public beta but I have seen comments from people who have access to a verison of 4.3 beta with the RX1 additions.

    Still waiting for mine to show up!

    1. Auto-focus in low light is decidedly compact camera-ish, or in other words, pretty slow. The RX1 certainly can do long exposures, and I’ll probably do some long exposure testing with the camera soon. Thanks for the comment!

      1. Fuji really improved the X100’s AF performance with their most recent firmware update. At least to me, my X100’s AF actually feels a tad faster than the RX1’s, at least when using single center point AF.

  2. Congrats! The RX1 is definitely a game changer in 2012. I’m glad they pulled off the “impossible” so the competition can take notice. I got a sneaky suspicion Sony might have something up their sleeves in 2013. I loved the X100, but it felt too version 1.0 and it went back– I’m hoping there’s a Sony APS-C compact in the works. I have a Nikon V1, but would love to pair it up with a larger sensor compact.

    1. Hmmm great question. I feel like the OM-D is quicker and more fun to shoot with in general. The the weather sealing, flip and tilt touch screen, great control dials, in-body stabilization, built-in EVF, and the access to the many excellent lenses available for the m4/3 mount are clear advantages. That being said, the RX1 produces some awesome files, and is built like a tank. =)

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