Six by Six


One of the cameras I shot along side the RX1 last week was a medium format beauty I borrowed from a friend: the Fuji GF670. The GF670 is a modern, professional grade film camera with a very bright rangefinder, an 80mm lens that folds into the body, and the ability to shoot in either 6×6 or 6×7 using 120 or 220 film. I loaded some expired Provia 400 in the camera and very carefully worked through each frame. Hey, you only get twelve 6×6 shots per roll of 120, so you gotta take your time with this thing!





I think this Fuji would be near the top of my list of medium format cameras to purchase when the time comes. It’s extremely well made, is dead simple to load and operate, and the included Fujinon 80mm is excellent. I had a blast with this thing.


Fuji GF670 | Kodak Provia 400 (expired)

6 thoughts on “Six by Six

  1. I really like the reflection shot. We used to go through a lot of 120 using the Hasselblads in Bethel, Their were great cameras in that era.

  2. Fabulous shots of Suki. I’ve thought of getting the Fuji, but I already have two medium format cameras and a large format field camera that don’t get enough use. However, a MF folder that would be easier to carry around may get more use. Did you feel that it would be a camera that would be easy to carry around and use when a photo op comes up, or are they still not that small?

    1. Thank you! When folded down, the GF670 is really compact in my opinion. I had it slung around my shoulder during a hike last week, and it kept a very low profile. I wouldn’t hesitate to take this camera everywhere I go as I do with my 35mm rangefinder.

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