The High Line

Nearly two years ago I wrote a blog post about my visit to New York’s High Line elevated park. A tweaked version of that post just made it to print in the biannual publication CITYGREEN, appearing in the magazine’s 6th issue entitled Green Spaces For Sustainable Cities. Currently available in paperback only, a digital version of issue 6 will be available in a couple months. Here are a few highlights from my original blog post:

The folks at CITYGREEN were nice enough to shoot me a free copy of issue 6, and it looks great!

These shots of the paperback version represent just a portion of the 8-page spread that appears in the magazine, so check out the actual publication if you want to see the rest. CITYGREEN is loaded with a ton of cool articles about green spaces in urban environments around the world, so it’s a pretty good read. You can also check the blog post my article is based on here.

All the images I posted on the blog and in the CITYGREEN article were taken with my Fuji X100. Represent!

30 thoughts on “The High Line

  1. *Applause* Congratulations on getting published! Such an accomplishment, I am so proud! The article was wonderful, but I’m just so happy that they used SO MANY of your pictures. Although the other articles in the magazine were great, yours featured the most photographs, and we all know that people tend to be more attracted to pictures than text. Hahaha!

    I second Jonathan’s recommendation to buy the magazine because it even features other green-eco-conscious folks from SF. Plus, it just looks great on your coffee table. Your friends will be impressed with your environmental awareness!

    1. Thanks a bunch, not just for the comment but for all your support in actually pulling this article off. Oh, and for keeping me company while I took these photos as well ❤

  2. First of all, congrats on getting published! Second of all, I’m really impressed, and here’s why.
    This is Guille, from Spain, not sure if you still remember me, but you helped me a lot with your advice on photography, on lenses… I remember when you took a break, some time away from Flickr. For almost one year I haven’t been taking pictures, not sure why, but I just don’t feel like going out and shoot. For that reason I haven’t been much around photography blogs, flickr, etc. I remember that last time I saw you, you were a great photographer already with a very kind heart. Today, after so much time, I find you’re even more skillful than before. And I’m glad to see you got published. I’m absolutely sure it is neither the first time nor the last. I hope you continue being a successful photographer.

    Take care my friend.


    1. Of course I remember you man! Hope you can find a way back into shooting photos again. Thanks so much for paying a visit and leaving such kind feedback. Stay in touch!

  3. Well, I guess when you get to be 75 you are allowed to feel paternalistic even toward people you’ve never met! And therefore, without reservation I feel great pride in the publication of your great pictures. And, speaking of age, my birthday finally rolled around and my kids presented me with my limited edition x100 in black with the matching “28mm” adapter. I was a life-long Leica guy until age and illness forced me to sell all I had. I have to say you were so right about the x100 –it is the closest thing to the Leica experience I could have imagined, and once again, as when I was a young man, I am carrying and using a camera wherever I go! Best Wishes to you, a “youngster” for whom I have the greatest respect. Bob

    1. Hi Robert, congrats on the new x100. I’ve been meaning to try that wide angle adapter but haven’t got around to it. If it’s as good as I hear it is I’m sure you’ll be thrilled. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. Happy shooting, and thanks for the comment!

  4. I’m so happy for you, Jonathan! Your pictures are great, and it gives one such a feeling of satisfaction when one’s talent is recognized. Congratulations!

  5. Hi Jonathan,

    To paraphrase Bridget, Congratulations on getting published ! I haven’t posted on your blog in a while but I’ve been following your work and for sure, you deserve it. Well done !

    I’ll be travelling to NYC the last week of March and right, I’m in pain selecting which lenses I should bring 🙂 Well, that’s good pain if such things exist…

    Take care.


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