Tiny Glimpses

Between shooting pack film and and just being busier than ever, my 35mm gear has seen very little use these days. In fact, I’ve had the same roll of black and white in my Leica for like three months! After running through the last few frames this past week, I finally got the roll developed at my local lab.

When you leave a roll of film in the camera for this long, you tend to forget much of what you’ve shot. In a way that’s pretty cool, because when you finally have your first look at the developed film, it’s like rediscovering your very recent past. Tiny glimpses.

Or, just a lot of photos of my wife and my dog =)

Leica M3 + 50mm f/1.4 Summilux | Kodak T-MAX 100

9 thoughts on “Tiny Glimpses

  1. These are gorgeous. Such rich blacks. We have a few finished rolls of film sitting around our house… I have no clue what’s on them, haha! I’m excited to see though…

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