My nephew Julian is two years old now! I took some photos of him over the weekend at one of the parks I used to frequent when I was his age. Such a happy little booger, this one.

Nikon D800 + Nikkor AF-S 58mm f/1.4G

6 thoughts on “Julian

  1. Great shots of a truly happy and beautiful child. On another subject, I’m one of the many who acquired a Fuji X100 based on your enthusiasm. I’ve been using, with great satisfaction, the settings you had developed shortly after you started writing about this camera. I am wondering, however, and hope you’ll have a moment to let me know, if you are still using the same settings, or perhaps have discovered another that you now prefer. I’ll look forward to your reply. Best, Bob Wiemer, Las Vegas.

    1. Hi Bob, sorry for the late reply. I’m basically using the camera at default these days. Standard film settings, auto dynamic range, auto white balance. I use a yellow or red filter when I put the camera in black and white mode. That’s about it!

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