Remnants Of The Old Mission District


This post is a little bit of a throwback. Growing up in San Francisco, I was always fascinated by the old buildings in the Mission District, particularly the old theaters. I took these images in 2012. The city’s rapid gentrification made quick work of these beautiful but derelict structures, and most of what you see here is either gone or significantly altered today. The “New Mission” sign below? Yeah, that’ll stick around, after being refreshed and then squished right up against a massive luxury condo development.




Leica M9 + 28mm Summicron | VSCO Velvia 50

5 thoughts on “Remnants Of The Old Mission District

  1. So sad about these beautiful structures. SF really is changing, but not necessarily for the better. Lovely photos for posterity!

  2. I really like how the light and colors are used. I love the red which pop up from the screen and the sad story of the time which fly away from bulidings and us.

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