Dinner at Broken Record

Broken Record – San Francisco, CA | Images: Fuji X100 I’ve been coming to Broken Record for some time now and am never ever ever ever disappointed with the dining experience. I heard some good things about the food not long after they opened, but when we first visited the place, I was a little […]

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She & Him at the Fox Theater

I’ve had a major crush on Zooey Deschanel since first seeing her in the movie Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe, and that’s when I thought that all she did was act. After discovering her musical talent, I flat out fell in love with her. Her style, her voice, her everything! So I was thrilled to […]

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Bay Bridge at Sunset

Finally found some time to head out and photograph this great city I live in this Saturday evening. I’ve been wanting to take this very iconic and classic shot of the Bay Bridge from Treasure Island for a long time now. I stuck around at this spot for about an hour and a half, so […]

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Shots from Around Town

Lately, due to my hectic schedule, I usually only have time to shoot at night. I’m fortunate to live in San Francisco, where I’m moments away from wonderful things to shoot in the evening. I’m currently in the market for a wide angle zoom to complete my lens kit! Even though I’m really interested in […]

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