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52 Weeks of Suki on Flickr

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I’m really not sure how this image appears to you, since as I’ve mentioned before, wordpress does some weird stuff with the color in my photos. But flickr doesn’t, so whether or not the color looks off to you here, please view this image on flickr! This is the first image in a project I committed to in the 52 Weeks for Dogs group on Flickr, a group in which each member posts one image a week for every week of this year of one dog, limiting weekly images to those that are taken within the current week. No playing catch-up, no posting from archives!

Minutes after posting this shot of Suki on Flickr, I received a few comments asking how I took this shot. Since this was a very low light situation, I shot in manual exposure mode on my D300s to keep my shutter speed in check. I usually shoot in aperture priority, but in this case, I didn’t want the camera to select a shutter speed I couldn’t hand hold.

Camera right is an SB-900 that I’m controlling wirelessly via the pop-up flash on my camera through TTL metering. I’m always astounded at how well Nikon’s wireless lighting system works. The camera is making extremely intelligent exposure decisions for me here, and all I need to do is play with the flash output until I hit a lighting ratio that makes sense to me aesthetically. I can change the SB unit’s output right at the camera too, which is great, because I was lying on the ground during the whole shoot.

The SB-900’s light is pretty harsh bare, so I have the unit firing light through a shoot through umbrella, which spreads the light more evenly . I have a very sophisticated light stand in play here too: my wife! I instructed my light stand to fire as much light as possible over Suki so less light would hit the ground, but this was a very difficult task because she had to light Suki AND keep her attention. Plus, umbrellas don’t really direct light in one direction as well as soft boxes do. But I think she did a great job anyway!

Camera Specs: Nikon D300s + Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC at 18mm f/5.6 ISO640 1/30 Second

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