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Wanderlust Travelwide

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Here’s a camera I’ll be spending a lot of time with, especially considering how long I waited to actually get it. I pre-ordered my Wanderlust Travelwide system in the spring of 2014 and finally received it this month. Yup, a two year wait! From what I understand there were a lot of manufacturing issues that prevented a timely delivery, but it’s all good. It was a kickstarter project, after all 😉

The Travelwide is basically a large format point-and-shoot. It accepts 4×5 film holders and can be configured to take large format lenses like the 65mm Super-Angulon, pictured above, or the nice and compact 90mm Angulon (mine is currently being CLA’d). The entire system, with a lens, a couple film holders, and all included accessories, fits nicely in my smallest camera bag, which I typically use to carry mirrorless cameras and lenses. Very cool.

This is also my first real experience shooting large format. A workmate of mine gifted me some sheets of transparency film, and I found my dad’s old changing bag in a pile of photo gear he gave me, so it was just a matter of learning to load the film holders (not easy at first) and heading out to shoot some photos!

So far I’ve shot 4 sheets. Here’s the first one, taken with the 65mm Super-Angulon:

Scanning film this size at the lab is quite pricey, so I just back lit the developed slides with an iPad and photographed them with a high resolution camera. Seems to have done the trick for now:


Another with the 65mm:

The camera ships with a pinhole cap, cut to f/283. The longer exposures required to shoot pinhole mean you’re generally on a tripod. I took a couple shots using my gorilla pod:


The frames above and below were both shot with the pinhole attachment and exposed for between 3 and 4 seconds. Can’t be all that precise with the timing when the shutter system is your hand and a black piece of plastic 😉

The pinhole shots are obviously not as sharp as the ones taken with the Super-Angulon, but you still gotta love the color you get with slide film. 4×5 slide film…MMM-mmm.


Travelwide + 65mm Super-Angulon/Pinhole Pinwide
Kodak E100G 4×5

Written by Jonathan

February 22, 2016 at 7:39 am