More Memories of Japan

Yummmmmm. The dessert above is a mango sorbet, which was a perfect finish to the Sushi and Shabu Shabu dinner we had with friends at a restaurant in the Gion area of Kyoto, Japan.  I never saw the bill for this meal, or any meal for that matter during our stay with our hosts. My […]

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Neco Tabi, By Akane Ono

Yesterday I received a meticulously wrapped package from Japan in the mail: a pair of photo books that I purchased from Akane Ono, a very talented photographer I know through Flickr. Akane is primarily a chemical (film) shooter, which in itself impresses me a lot because I haven’t touched film in more than a decade […]

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The bicycle is used extensively in Japan. These shots were taken in various neighborhoods throughout Osaka. 日本には自転車がたくさんありますね!

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Kumatori-cho, Osaka

Just another memory from my first trip to Japan. One of the fondest memories I have was one brisk sunny morning in the small town of Kumatori in Osaka (about 1.5 hours from downtown Osaka by train).  I woke up at about 6am, which baffled my hosts (I was envious about how late their day […]

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Japanese Rail

From my archives, a couple photos that sparked memories of riding the rail system in Japan. I live in a city where you’re not sure if your bus will come at all let alone be on time. Japan Rail trains run with ridiculous reliability and timeliness. If the train is supposed to get there at […]

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