Two Days Old

Back to the hospital today to visit little Zara. I’m sure there are some beautiful eyes behind those peacefully shut eyelids, but I have yet to see them. Maybe tomorrow =) Fuji X100s

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So Long, Fare Well

My cousin and his wife celebrated their first year of marriage last month during their visit from Colombia. I accompanied them on their last day in San Francisco last week, running some last-minute errands and stopping to grab a few frames every now and then. So long you two. Happy anniversary  🙂 So, seeing as […]

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The Many Faces of Julian Ojeda

A few shots of my little nephew before heading to dinner with family over the weekend. We had to grab him out of his cozy stroller, which he wasn’t thrilled about. But even still, he charmed us with his notoriously varied facial expressions. Love this little guy. Look at him. Already giving his mom attitude. […]

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Geeky Glasses

Bridget is in need of some new eye wear, and I thought a geekier style would be appropriate for her bangs. So off we went to try some on: Talk about an interesting place to go try on some frames, or you know, pick up a typewriter…or 50-year-old box of nails 🙂 Still undecided. Well […]

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Josh and Vanessa

My entire family took a day off last week to go on a little day trip with my cousin Josh and his new fiance Vanessa. Josh popped the question last weekend, and I gotta say, I haven’t seen him this happy since…..ever! Anyone who knows me and Josh well knows that we’re not just cousins. […]

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