A Red, Furry Blur

Yeah, She’s Fast – 4/52, originally uploaded by kaoni701. _ That’s what Suki would have looked like in this image if I didn’t use a fast enough shutter speed. She rarely runs as fast as she can, but one of the few occasions she’ll go full throttle (besides chasing my cousin’s poor rabbit in the […]

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Our Favorite Dog Park

This is our favorite place to take Suki: the recently renovated dog park on 30th street and Church street here in San Francisco. Look how big it is! This image doesn’t even include a long stretch of run behind me. Suki approves of this park too: There’s plenty of area for her to run at […]

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The Dog Park Greeter

Nikon D300s + Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D at f/2.0 ISO200 1/500 Second Suki is an extremely social and friendly dog, especially for a Shiba Inu. At the dog park, she has this tradition of being the first to personally greet every dog that enters the gate. Every time she sees someone new entering the outer gate, […]

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